How do you make a hot tattie?

Q:i have a very sore throat/ and i heard that a hot tattie is the best for that
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In ireland they’re known as hot toddy’s and my grandparents used to make them for my brother and myself whenever we came down with cold like symptoms Hot Toddy1 oz. Brandy 1 Tablespoon Honey1/4 Lemon1 cup Boiling Water1 Tea Bag Coat the bottom of a mug with the honey. Add brandy and juice of lemon quarter. On the side, boil water and add tea bag to make hot tea. Pour steaming tea into honey/brandy/lemon combination.
Here is my Mother’s old remedy, it has worked for me and alot of other people.Hot tea, with Lemon (fresh) squeeze a half of it into tea and add honey. Or hot tea and a shot of brandy. Get under the covers and sweat it out. Hope you will feel better.
I don’t think a hot potato will help your throat, try a hot toddy instead , works wonders !
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