Ringworm. How do you get rid of it forever with a home remedy?

Q:Every 3 or 4 months I get a red, sensitve patch on my skin in the same area. It itches and swells up. It is usually gone within 3 weeks. I hate it. I think it is ringworm, but how the hell did I get it? I bathe frequently.
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Try using iodine, and make sure you let the area ‘dry out’. Ringworm is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It is a fungus, so it likes moisture. Ringworm can be treated with fungus-killing medicine. The medicine can be in taken in tablet or liquid form by mouth or as a cream applied directly to the affected area.Make sure you treat your home because it is very infectious. My neighbor suggested using the same stuff you use for athlete’s foot..worth a try I guess..Good luck!
The type of fungus that most commonly causes ringworm of the skin spreads from one person to another. You can get it by sharing towels, clothing, or sports equipment or by having direct contact with an infected person’s rash. Another type of fungus is spread by cats and dogs. It is less common but causes more severe infections.Try over te counter athletes foot meds such as Tinactin to treat it as it’s the same fungus.
Honestly, I recently have ringworm on my foot. It’s annoying. It would come and go. I dont know if its the state of Florida or just by walking barefoot. I remembered like 3 years ago, when I lived in Connecticut, around the summertime small tiny fungus appeared on my foot. I went to the dr and dr prescribed me a rx cream and lotion. It worked wonder. I never heard of such thing about putting nail polish; yes I heard a little water and little bit of clorox or over the counter anti-fungal. I would rather go to dr’s to get it treated and that’s what Im gonna do in a few days.
i think you should go to the doctor. ive had it before and it actually spread and boy did it suck! you cant treat it with a home remedy since i tried that. i had to get oral medicine for it. so i recommend going to the doctor before it spreads
I’ve been told that Tea Tree Salve helps with ringworms. You would just apply it to the affected area.
I don’t think there is no home remedy for that. Go and consult your Doctor or go to a pharmacist. There are lot of creams available for ring worms. I don’t think you should delay these kind of things otherwise they become chronic.Try this site to know more about it: Use apple cider vinegar and if that doesn’t work, buy some Lotrimin. That will definitely do the trick.
a little bit of bleach and water. only a little though
The most common sources of the fungi that cause tinea infections are other people. Ringworm is contagious and is easily spread from one person to another, so avoid touching an infected area on another person. It’s also possible to become infected from contact with animals, like cats and dogs.It can be difficult to avoid ringworm because the dermatophyte fungi are very common. To protect yourself against infection, it can help to wear flip-flops on your feet in the locker room shower or at the pool, and to wash sports clothing regularly. Because fungi are on your skin, it’s important to shower after contact sports and to wash your hands often, especially after touching pets.If you discover a red, patchy, itchy area that you think may be ringworm, call your doctor.
Lotrimin. It works and is all that is needed.Treat your animals and have them wormed.
The leaf snipped open from an Aloe Vera plant WILL work, as well as any OTC from any drug store that is used for nails/toenail fungus. Good luck!
You should consult a Dermatologist for proper diagnosis andtreatment. If it is fungal infection then you will be prescribed anti fungal creams and powder and oral medication for 4-6 weeks. There is no effective home remedy to get rid of it forever.
If you have a black walnut tree close. Take the walnut off the tree will it is still green, cut into it several times to get the sap to running and rub on infected area. Do this at least twice daily for a week.Although the symptom you are relating don’t sound like ringworm.
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