anyone tried blackstrap molasses for curing ailments?

Q:i have seen on the interenet that it has many good vitamins and minerals .Also it is good for fatigue.i`m just curious to find out if anyone has tried it.thanks
More Answers to “anyone tried blackstrap molasses for curing ailments?
If Like white meat better. My mother used to make me drink it (mixed with hot water) when I was little to combat anemia. I’m not sure if it helped. It tasted horrible and I will never willingly drink it again, if that helps you out.
i remember hearing it spoken of by my mother, who would be 90 this month if she were still alive. it was as a “booster” or tonic type remedy. maybe for anemia or energy. no real personal knowledge of accuracy of that, but that’s what i remember. it has iron other than that its liquid sugar
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