which herb or drug is usefull to decrease 7month kid fever?

Q:which herb or drug is usefull to decrease 7month kid fever?
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give motrin and cut an onion or potatoe and place at the bottom of childs feet in a pair of socks if this doesn’t work in 20 min take him to the emergency room it really works make sure it comes from the fridge
The Homeopathic made to order Medicine BIO COMBINATION No 11 its meant for fever and is totally harmless and very very effective .Just a word of precaution in treating fevers never give any medication when the temperature is rising in fever give medicines only when either the fever has reached its top or is coming down its dangerous to give medicines when a persons body temperature is rising due to fever . Give this remedy every four hours two tabs for under 12 year old and 4 tablets for older children and adults.Take care and God Bless P.S.You can get this medicine from herbal shops and p[pharmacies and you can buy it on line too from a number of on line sites.
Infants’ Tylenol, but ask your doc first.
Of course, its is better to ask a doctor first, you do not know exactly why the kid has the fever, it could be from another type of infection or something.If it is just a regular fever, and the doctor suggests medicine, try Tylenol, Advil (liquid) ..make sure it is for infants and read the label for instructions. They are good. I like the Advil better. Best thing to do is to alternate between them because they use different ingredients that way the kid does not get used to either one of them, and the medicine would loose some effect. please ask a professional.i don’t care how many so called professionals are on this site..ask a professional.
Seek help of a health care professional.Give a sponge bath to ensure that temperature of infant dose not cross 103 deg F.Try Children’s Tylenol or baby aspirin in then.
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