Accutane Questions?

Q:I have pretty bad acne, it’s not severe but it can get bad during “monthly girl” breakouts. And because all (and i mean ALL) other antibiotics and creams haven’t been working as nicely as i would want them to, my derm. suggested accutane. And i just have a few questions before i begin in couple of weeks.* What’s the shortest/longest time span it has taken to see results?* What’s the shortest/longest time span the initial breakout lasts?* How long before the initial breakout?* Is it really that dangerous to go out in the sun?* Does it clear body acne?* Anything else i can do to keep breakouts less frequent?
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Accutane is a very powerful medication in the treatment of acne. The side effects of the drug are not that great, so you need to decide whether it is worth it for you. I had a friend who had pretty severe acne and she used it and the results were pretty good. Within a month and a half, most of the acne was gone and her skin looked better. But, she decided to have her eyebrows waxed, and because Accutane thins the skin, she suffered Second Degree Burns. If you are using Accutane, it is extremely important to keep your skin covered when going out in the sun. You will burn at a much faster rate, and the sunburn could be more severe. Also, Accutane has been known to cause birth defects in children, not only if taken while pregnant, but that potential side effect can last long after you have stopped taking the medication. It has also been known to cause temporary psychosis in certain individuals, especially in those who tend to suffer from depressive disorders.Certain birth control medications(Tri-Cyclen,etc) can control and treat acne. Perhaps you can talk to your doctor about which one might be best for you. I have known a few people who went on birth control to treat acne. I wish you the best of luck. My friend took accutane. I believe she had to take it for over a year. It took months before it started working and during these months the acne was severe (worse than before). When it began to go away her skin was incredibly sensitive and her face would often peel. Yes, it is really that dangerous to go out in the sun. Your skin will be soooo sensitive. My friend spilled hot water on her hand.. like not boiling hot or anything and her skin peeled off and she had to take a couple weeks of work to let it heal in its bandage. I believe that it does clear body acne as well. It also thins out your hair quite a bit and can cause headaches and depression. It really is a tough decision and a..dedication because you have to go through a lot to get the end result and it might not be as great as you imagined. My friend’s complexion still isn’t perfect. And I dont think using accutance like changed her life or anything.. a flawless face is overrated.
A flawless face isn’t overrated to the person who’s suffered with severe acne for years and years.
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