Does garlic prevent cancer? How might garlic prevent cancer?

Q:Does garlic prevent cancer? How might garlic prevent cancer?
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I am an alternative medicinal therapist and an ex nurse. garlic is the worlds most powerful antibiotic and an antioxidant. Cancer is the result of ‘oxidization’ of our body’s cells. It’s a difficult explanation to give someone who is a novice. Basically, oxidization is caused by our breathing in oxygen. For example. Certain metals etc when left for alone for years is damaged purely by oxygen breaking down the molecular structure of that item. The same thing happens inside our bodies. If you want a more in-depth explanation e mail me but give me your full e mail address for an answerGloria (BSYA)[email protected]
cancer is a stage where body cells start multiplying itself in a uncontrolled condition. this initiation of uncontrolled cell multiplication may get triggered due to a lot of reasons. And garlic has ingrediants to stop few of this triggering or to control cell multiplication in certain cases. So, it may help or may not. depends on alot of factors so taking ginger can never be a full proof solution to cancer.
There is a rapidly growing body of scientific evidence documenting that garlic and related compounds contain phytonutrients that do help in the prevention of cancer. In March of this year, the medical journal “Journal of Nutrition” published a review article on this subject. Here are a few of their comments: 1) “Natural garlic and garlic cultivated with selenium fertilization have been shown in laboratory animals to have protective roles in cancer prevention”, 2) “Many epidemiological studies support the protective role of garlic and related allium foods against the development of certain human cancers”.This issue of the journal is filled with many articles on garlic and cancer research.Best wishes.
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Garlic has been demonstrated to cause apoptosis (programmed cell death) in cancer cells. To fact check this search “,” the 15 million biomedical citation database provided to you, by you (the taxpayer), through the Library of Congress.
I heard that about garlic but I don’t know how I don’t know about cancer but garlic is good for reducing Cholesterol level and thus protect from heart diseases.
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