How do I overcome my snoring habit?

Q:I have a sinus problem which does not trouble me often, but the snoring is very embarrising, as told to me by my family.
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Do Breathing exercises — Pranayama Yoga.Close one nostril and inhale air by another nostril as much as possible, then close and open the other nostril, so that the interchange of inspiration and expiration air gaseous changes takes place so that your nosril will open wide and post nasal drip clearsd out no snoring. Do for 15 minutes evry day make a habit. Source(s):experience
By the little breathing strip. Snoring is involuntary. It is not a habit. You cannot control it, but you can try to lessen the impact by sleeping on your side. Tell them to leave you alone. It’s not like you made a choice to snore and bother them.
Nozovent Anti-snoring device For Peaceful, Restful Sleep!Nozovent is a device to help eliminate snoring by dilating the nasal airways, increasing airflow, enhancing breathing; reducing nasal constriction and can also benefit athletes by stabilizing blood pressure during physical exertion. Nozovent is designed to increase the airflow through the nose by dilating the nostrils, enhancing easy breathing, and lessening the vibration of the soft palate which dramatically reduces or eliminates snoring. Nozovent helps get rid of unhealthy mouth breathing and minimizes the drying of the bronchial mucosa. In many cases it decreases the severity of sleep apnea. Source(s):Nozovent Buying Store : More Information
See Your Doctor! Snoring can sometimes indicate Sleep Apnea which can be life threatening. Go to a doctor right away please!!You could have sleep apnea if your family complains of your snoring.I was diagnosed with this condtion 3 years ago, and have suffered many health problems because of it.Sometimes sinus problems make it worse, I have severe allergies and nasal polyps, I am receiving immunotherapy which has lessened the polyps.My oxygen level actually dropped to 53% while I was sleeping.If a doctor suspects you have this, they will give you a monitor to wear on your finger while you are asleep that measures your oxygen level, pulse, and b/p during the night.If this test shows a problem, you will be sent to a sleep lab, and if you are diagnosed with sleep apnea can be treated with a cpap machine which blows air into your windpipe as you sleep (I use this), surgery, or in mild cases,a mouth guard.I am serious, in this case, don’t even try an alternative treatment, I highly believe in alternative treatments, but in this case, get to your doctor ASAP, it could save your life!Sleep Apnea can cause high b/p, heart attack and stroke, your oxygen supply to your brain is constantly cut off again and again up to hundreds of times of night, you also never get a good night sleep, so you are usually very sleepy in the daytime.Go get checked! get one of those nose clip thingies
Homeopathic Treatment for Snoring :-1.BACILLINUM 200C2.BARYTA CARB 200CBoth of these together just once every third day followed by:-1.NAT MUR 6X2.KALI MUR 6X3.CALC FLOUR 6XThrice a day half hour before or after meals.Avoid Chocolates,Coffee, Mints and Red Meat while taking Homeopathic Remedies.Report back with his progress after one week. His snoring will gradually diminish and cured in due time.Take Care and God Bless There’s nothing you can do about it except surgery. I have that problem too. screw the family. explain to them that this is a MEDICAL problem.
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