In Kevin Trudeau’s audio book, what is "The weight loss secret they don’t want you to know about?"

Q:Trust me, i an not going to buy the book or cd.
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lol, I think it is a scam. The only “secret” is that he gets rich while people buys a book that tells you to eat less and move more. There is no “secret” to weight loss. it just takes some hard work and sweat! i haven’t seen the book, but i can tell you from experience that if you are relatively active and eat about 5 or 6 SMALL meals per day..waiting until you are actually hungry.. you’ll produce less insulin at each meal, thus less fat storage!this is the method some use to get dogs to lose weight, rather than changing the actual food itself..try to wait three hours between meals, and of course lower caloried foods will speed the process even more. but try to keep foods that you like, and that satisfy included, so that there won’t be a feeling of deprivation, and won’t lead to binging on things you miss, after awhile.i found this out by accident, due to a busy schedule and then found that it is a known method after all!weight loss is assured .one heavy meal or more will cause gain or maintain your weight at a higher range.
Uh.. if they ‘don’t want you to know about’ it, how did Mr. Trudeau find out about it? And, if it really works, why would they hide a secret that would make them the riches people in the history of the world?
Read the book for optimum health, its the best thing you could ever do. Too many ignorant people who believe all the lies on the web that are being used trying to debunk Kevin Trudeau. Docotor J people cant get rich of this, because FDA and pharmaceutical inustries have shut down many small individual companies who have tried, they dont want people to lose weight why? the fatter people are the more they eat and buy more food products, food industries actually add scientifically engineered additives that physically addict you to foods and make you fat. They dont wanna cure diseases the more sick people there is the more drugs are sold, if a disease was to be cured they wouldnt be able to make money off it anymore. Natural herbs and remedies cannot be patened so no money can be made off them therefore they debunk them.too many of you are brainwashed by the media/news its sad really. News and media are the FDAs and pharmeceutical industries’ puppets. Ever see who sponsors news stations? oddly enough its always some type of drug. What makes the news and media so credible? Do you honestly think they care about you and your health?
I would be a bit careful about any so-called ‘secret’ published in that book. Do a little reading on this guy, then decide for yourself. Personally, I think he’s a huckster out to make a buck using ridiculous claims backed by pseudo-science and possibly outright untruths .. but that’s just my opinion .. and some other people like doctors, respected journalists, etc. He’s apparently circumventing an FTC ban on making health claims by using a First Amendment loophole to talk about his ‘book’.Analysis of Kevin Trudeau’s “Natural Cures” Infomercial (2004) by Stephen Barrett, M.D. Report “King Con? Bestselling Author Selling Questionable Cures to the Desperate and Gullible” Trudeau Banned from Infomercials by the Federal Trade Commission’s Dictionary entry’t_Want_You_To_Know_About
I have bought the audio CD (and later borrowed the book from my friend which is more elaborate). I have to say it’s not an actual “thing”. *bummer* What he’s opening your eyes to however is this: secret additives to our foods which make us AND KEEP US fat! I started watching not how much but what I eat about a year ago. I am a big carnivore, so I didn’t go crazy and stopped eating everything. Nor do I eat grass now. But after I listened to the tape, I now very carefully check every food label I buy. But mostly I buy organic. I have since lost 12 pounds, (I wasn’t fat to beging with) and have not had a migrane for almost 10 months. They used to make me want to jump off the 6th floor. I have stopped having wicked cramps before my period, my skin never looked better. (I am 24) Also my husband has -no lie- less gray hair. If you need more info on this, I am a walking encyclopedia now.
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