I have an inflamed Gall Bladder. I need to change my diet or have surgery?

Q:Any suggestions on foods that might help me resolve this or at least minimize the need for surgery
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It is possible to avoid surgery, when you begin to correct your diet. It will take a bit of time though. Have you spoken to your doctor about the surgery, and diet? Hospitals usually have people there to help with guidelines, and get you on the right path for your diet change.. In every case, avoid hamburgers, pork, fried chicken, cheeses and cheese sauces, all gravies (though I still use fat free ones). http://www.steadyhealth.com/Post_Gallbladder_Surgery_Diet_t54904.html http://groups.google.com/groups?q=diet+to+avoid+gall+bladder+surgery&hl=en&lr=&sa=X&oi=groups&ct=title have surgery i did you’ll have prob later if you dont.4 little slits its gone and so are you home the next day
can take to fend off this gray hair? a homeopathic Dr will tell u to change diet.. but there is a homeopathic remedy that saved many from the knife. u take as much apple juice a week u can stand to drink ( pectin softens stones.) apple a day theory is in effect.. then on the 6th night u take 2tbsp spoons of Olive oil and lemon juice warmed and swallow it down. lemon break up the the softened stones from apple juice all week.. olive oil makes them slide out pass easier and yea u will have like labor pains.. before bed do that lemon juice thing and ring right knees up as far as ur chest to sleep at night to keep it in ur gallbladder.. and in the am u pass stones but.. if u r to far gone then u have to opt for surgery.. and change diet.. to much calcium or cholesterol they will examine what it is made of.. my sis had it done terrible big scar my aunt did homeopathic way and saved her from that expense and scar.. Stay away from fried and fatty foods.Drink apple juice for 2 months.
tried the diet religiously and it didn’t work. had the surgery and it was a breeze. never felt so good in my life and am able to eat anything i want again. trust me, go for the surgery. A better diet is definitely going to help, try to stay away from all the processed foods and junk, i know its hard;) but you will most likely need surgery and you will feel alot better.
Your gall bladder is inflammed but you dont need surgery? Hmm mine was and they had me go in the next day to take it out. Surgery in itself is a scary thing but this one is minimal outpatient procedure if u need to have it done and only involves something to make you sleep before u get in the O.R. and u wake up and about 1 hour later u can go home. i had a little discomfort but not much didnt care for the 3 little scars or the sore throat. hope this helps. My aunt had an inflamed Gall Bladder and she was in such an excruciating pain she couldn’t even walk. About a week after that she had it removed and she says it was the best move she made. So if your asking me i think you should have it removed. Source(s):My Aunt
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