I just signed up for Massage School. But now Im thinking- Can I really touch a stranger? How do I get past?

Q:How do I overcome this? How does anyone… Advice from other people in the medical field or other massage therapists would greatly help as I have cold feet! Thanks!
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Sure girl just do what the strippers do….(I’m not one by the way Just got lots of friends) Take a fat *** shot of liquor first….. Not too much though or you’ll give a horrible massage!
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try practicing on friends or family first.
in order to overcome this, i would suggest thinking in terms of long term outcomes. i am going to be a chiropractor, but while i never had this issue, everyday, for me it comes down to, “wow, all i have to do is use my hands and i am able to help people.” plus you should look into research about how touch has a therapeutic effect on people and animals, that’s why animals are being used so often to help people with depression, and aid people who have physical disabilities. another aspect that you should think about is that the patients that you will be working on will not be total strangers. you will have to talk to them to find out what is bothering them, which will help to break the ice a little. also, put yourself in their shoes, go get a massage with a massage therapist that you’ve never met, see how you feel, that way you’ll be more receptive to your patients. good luck! The counselors at your school can help you with this question.
Not just a stranger, but a big fat sweaty stranger with body odor from hell and bad teeth!! How will you deal with that? Maybe you could put up a sign in your office that reads “WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE” – lol
I will tell you straight off the bat how to handle this extremely important issue. You must be part of a professional team, preferably in a clinical setting. This setting will protect you from people who are after something other than therapeutic massage. The professional atmosphere sets the tone for you expect and what your patients expect. In a clinical setting, there is no ambiguity as to what therapeutic touching means….no weirdness.Your best bet is to link up with a chiropractor or join a rehab center. I don’t mean sharing office space. I mean as part of a team that works on patients, preferably as an employee and not a consultant.
How about volunteer to massage people for free? You will immediately find out if touching a stranger is going to be a dealbreaker, and I hardly know of any guy who would turn away a girl giving him a massage… win-win situation.
My friend is taking massage therapy courses now and she loves it! She’s looking forward to the career and salary she’ll earn from the experience and says it really teaches you so much about anatomy and the mind body connection. The only thing shes a lil uncomfortable with is when they practice in class to get graded and evaluated on technique, they have to team up with another classmate and get semi naked. They keep their underwear on (no bra though) but since shes pregnant shes a lil self conscious about her body. She says that they teach draping techniques though, so no one ever actually sees any nudie parts, its just the fact that shes all nekked with some cute guy she doesnt really know rubbin all over her…. Dang… I need to sign up for these classes too… ANYWAY, you have to complete a certain amount of free (tips only) work in order to get the license so if it sounds appealing, take the courses and give it a try. By the time you get your “intern” work done, you’ll know for sure if its is a career you’ll be interested in. Also just like with any private office you can reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who either has serious skin/medical issues or who makes you feel uncomfortable.
why the hell would you enroll if you are fearful of touching strangers? go to stupidity school and you will graduate immediately.
I’m in the medical field for almost 23 yrs now. I started when I was 19 at first it was a little embarrassing but, after a few days you get to realize, the people you are tending too are just ordinary people, you talk and get to know them, and after a while you will start to wonder why you even doubted yourself in the first place. I’m sure you will do great.
You will be doing so much practice with your classmates, it will be like second nature to you. While you are in school, you will probably practice on a few people that you may know (family, kids, friends), and this will also help. By the time you are finished with school, you will have no problem or awkwardness touching strangers. After you’ve had a few patients you will forget that you were once concerned about touching strangers. Trust me, you will get used to it very quickly.
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