Is massage therapy good for ur health?

Q:Cause i tried massage therapy,it feels good after the massage, but is it really good for ur health.i need to know
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It is scienifically proven that massage therapy and chiropractic combined, can reduce ailments.when your body is in total alignment, you will never get uti’s, no colds, etc..your white blood cells will be flowing and fighting. Your immune system will just get stronger.
Massage is definitely beneficial, as long as you see a trained, qualified CMT (Certified Massage Technician). Massage improves circulation (which is why you should drink lots of water after a massage, because massage moves toxins out of your muscles, and water helps to flush the toxins out), improves muscle tone, helps me to stay “in the moment” and listen to my body’s signals, helps me to relax and not stress out. I highly recommend regular massage and body work.
Yeeeesss! Oh God yess! Do it! Do it! YEEEEESSSS!
Lowers blood pressurelessens stressimproves circulation
very good. its relaxing and gets the circulation going. enjoy. my niece does this for a living. its two years in college Source(s):kat/[email protected]
regular massage is definately good for your health especially if you have remedial massaging or lymphatic draining massaging.the body becomes unbalanced when we are stressed or tensed so massaging is definately beneficial
If your body feels good after a massage, then your mind will follow
It certainly is. The best thing to do after a massage is to have a glass of room temperature water. This helps the body rid toxins that have been released during the massage. Source(s)
Its really good for the health in general, but it does help you relieve stress, which is good for the health.Helps maintain good posture, and blood flow.
yes it is . Not only is it relaxing it also helps it blood flow.
Yes, as long as your masseuse is legit.
it’s only good with a happy finish.
Yes, I think it’s good for your health, but not as good as acupuncture.
maybe good for your nerves. not exactly a health issue though.
I don’t take message, ,so far as I know it is helpful to health.
Hi,Massage Therapy not only relaxes you but reduces stress. Massage helps with blood flow, edema, joint pain & lactic acid reduction to name a few health benefits. What’s important is that the Massage Therapist is trained, licensed & has a permit in the city where they work not certification. The police department requires finger printing & does a background check before the license is issued. The License looks like a Drivers license with a picture on it. Hope this helps. Bob Hope had massages daily & lived to be 100. i dont know but it sure feels good
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