What should i do with these unwanted growinh hair on my breast and under chin?

Q:I have alot of unwanted hair on my breasts(like 30 on each sides),when i was about 19 i went to my skin specialist for the acnes on my face and she gave me cypretrone compound that time(once a day) and i took it more than a year,though after that she changed it to Roaccutane capsules for a year and the acnes are now cleared,but since then i still have these hairs on my breasts and when i was younger i used to cut them as i didn’t know this may get worst.Then i went to woman’d specialist and she told me that girls like you which are not married yet shouldn’t take hormonal pills like cypretrone compound this long as they are so harmful for their future pregnancy now i’m 24 years old girl.i know if i go to my skin specialist for the these hair on my breats she sill advise those hormonal pills(cypretrone compound)again.I also have about 20 hair ray like that under my chin.Any advise?Are those pills really useful?i know that the only way to remove these hairs would be lacer or electrolysis or chemotherapy,but i dont know which one is better for me,what should i do?should i again go to my skin specialist or other specialist?
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Id go back to the specialist it really does sound like a hormone problem, she should give you some more astrogen or progesterone pills for this problem. I have my hormones out of wack before which caused me to grow 2 or 3 hairs around my areola and nipple and I had 2 or 3 under my chin, but as soon as started taking those pills it went away, but before that I was plucking them out…..yes it hurts but at least you dont have to look at them….if the hormone pills do not work and you reall do want them to go away permanently I would suggest getting the laser treatment but it is very costly.
hi try hair away solution its natural water like liquid all u have to do to get better results remove ur hair with plucker or wax n apply this sol. and massage that. Do that twice in a day 4 1st two weeks n then after once n u will c results within 4-6 weeks. Its a bit costly coz a bot. cost nearly 40 euros.
What ever , you should consult a specilaist. Dont take over the counter medicines. If you don’t get a treatment from them satisfying your feelings….you have alternative way. Before you get married , you can explain the situation beneath your BRA to your future partner. If you can make him understand…it will not be a big problem for your married life. On the other hand , if you take hormonal treatments , t will be risky not only for you… but your kids also..
It’s not harmful to pluck hair from your breasts. Loads of women do it. If your hair is dark, consider bleaching it. Most guys don’t care (unless you’re woolly-mammothish), and bleaching looks way better than plucking or shaving because you don’t have to deal with thick follicles. Spell-check is down and it’s after 3am.
i heard that now a days they do lazer removal and once u do it hairs will never grow. you can try that.
a dermatogist for sho
hello dear i m also going through this problem i used to bleach my face n chin due to this i got hair growth on these unwanted areas . my dermotologist advice me to have some hormonal tests . i prefer to wax that area but it makes the hair thicker. its permanent cure in electrolysis laser therapy . thanx for giving information that hormonal pills affect in concieving i ll take precaution .
wax away
i would suggest getting it tested and see which hormone(s) are deficient. this sort of thing can be corrected safely through herbal treatment. and acupuncturist, herbalist, or homeopath should be able to help you with this.
Well be careful with any kind of pills.. coz they dont work at all… better get a laser treatment.. there are laser treatments available for removing unwanted hairs pemanently…. so better take care…Peace’
Homeopathic Treatment for unwanted hair :-THUJA 10M(10000) three doses at fifteen days interval. report back after one week of taking the first dose.Take care and God Bless you
Just a warning about laser treatment. When I went for a consultation a few years ago, I was told that they can’t guarantee permanent removal in women until they have gone through menopause because of how our hormones change. So, you might not want to spend a lot of money on that. I use tweezers on the hair I have on my chin, and I’ve been doing to for a couple of years now. The hairs have progressively gotten lighter, so they are getting less and less noticable. The other thing you can do is use creme bleach to bleach the hairs to make them less noticable. My mom does that, and it works. Also, there is a cream called Vaniqua that you can get a prescription for. You pluck or remove with Nair or whatever, then rub the cream on and it keeps the hair from growing back as quickly. Good luck, and I feel your pain.
Go to a dermatologist and ask about ELECTROLYSIS. Electrolysis is using electric impulses to kill folicles. No pills to take.It takes a little while to get it done but you can be certain no hair will EVER GROW THERE AGAIN. You should pluck them.
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