what is a home remedy for those anoying red swolen mosquito bites??

Q:What can i do to stop them from leaving a dark spot after they heal>>??how to stop them from swelling and getting red??
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An old cajun remedy, take some tobacco & wet it good till it’s like a paste & put it on the bites for about 15-20 min., no itching and the swelling will go down. Source(s):Personal experience.
Homeopathy for Mosquito Bites :-LEDUM PAL 30C thrice a day half hour before meals http://homeoint.org/books/boericmm/l/led.htmTake Care and God Bless ! smoke a little crack before you go to bed and you’ll forget all about it.
use rubbing alcohol take a bath first or u can take an oatmeal bath they will stop the Itch but nothing will stop the red or the bump u get and to stop the dark spot is u stop itching
The redness and the swelling is actually the allergic reaction to the agent the mosquito uses as an anti-clotting factor, so it can suck your blood. You can try benedryl cream, or take benedryl (but it will make you sleepy). For children they have benedryl liquid.but it may do the reverse effect.make them hyper. If you have a green makeup base, apply that to the redness, and it should blend in your skin tones. Also, check your yard for stagnant pools of water.this can be old tires with water in them, discarded cups..bird baths should have the water changed in them every other day. If you live by a lake, river, or ocean, LOL, then your out of luck with that. Apply mosquito repellants..citronella candles help too. Best of luck to you.
Tea Tree Oil..get it at a local health food store. Its anti-inflammatory and makes sure that no infection will ensue.
My mother always put a dab of nail polish on the bites, and it seemed to work. She favored clear, but we always wanted a color. I can think of no scientifically valid reason for this, but in bug heaven southern Kentucky we were willing to take all the help we could get to stop itching!
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