Has anyone used Colloidal Silver?

Q:If so, what was your experience and what can you tell me about it?
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I have a relative who swears by this crap. Personally, I believe it to be voodoo mystic bullshit and probably dangerous.
I have a chronic low-grade infection that flares up from time to time, and it responds just as well to homemade colloidal silver as it does to doxycycline. Some general tips:1. Buying prepared CS instead of making your own is a huge waste of money. You can make your own for about a dollar per gallon.2. Don’t take any silver preparation that contains more than 20 PPM of silver. At 20 PPM, you’d die of excessive water intake before you could ever ingest enough silver to turn your skin gray.3. When making your own, use only steam distilled water and NEVER add salt or any other chemical to the water.4. These are the two most highly regarded CS generators:http://silverpuppy.com/http://www.silvergen.com/5. For more info about CS:http://www.silvermedicine.org/http://www.csfacts.com/
yea, it works well internally or externally as an antimicrobal, it helps speed the healing process and aid the bodies’ immune system. don’t ingest huge amounts though or your skin can turn blue. expensive stuff too, really only worth it if you’re immune system is compromised.
Yes it’s Great! I’ve also used the colloidal silver lotion, I had a spider bite on my finger put the lotion on in 1 day it was gone. I love this stuff
I’ve used a colloidal silver nasal spray and, yes, I think it’s helped me some. I used to have chronic sinus infections and ear infectiions (it’s all connected you know) so I use a combination of ear candles/ear cones plus nasal spray to keep things clear. The people that think it’s worthless are usually people who don’t have chronic health problems. I’m sure that I used to have a compromised immune system. Maybe I still do but I’m doing better now than I used to.It had gotten to the point that antibiotics just weren’t working with me and colloidal silver is a natural alternative to antibiotics. If you ever get to the point where antibiotics have no effect on you, like I was after having been regularly on antibiotics since childhood, then you’ll try anything you can to get rid of the infections and I’d say colloidal silver worked pretty well.
It does work well. many people sell cheap devices to make it yourself, BE CAREFUL. Unless you know what you are doing you can ingest improperly made and or too much and get gray skin forever. Topically there seems to be no danger, it’s internally you need to be careful. I don’t like the quackbuster guy, but his link is below and you should be aware of the con side to this, so if you pursue it at least you know what to watch out for.
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