Legal Highs!?

Q:What are some legal highs? I’m talking like whip cream cans, nitrous oxide, coriciden, cold medicine, roubutussin, and stuff like that ya know? Give details yo! I want like brand names and dose and form and stuff like that bioee.
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Dude your better off getting a cheap herb sack. Your killing brain cells faster OD’ing on over the counter ****. Try smashing down two 800 mg of hydrocodene and mixing it in some old southern comfort. Or valiums and a 40 oz. That shoud do it.
As far as nitrous, dont get whipped cream cans if at all possible! thats very expensive, even if you have to get them on ebay, get nitrous crackers and canisters, and only the ISI brand canisters. You should be able to get a either a 12 pack or 24 pack, i forgot which, for around $7.99, and a good cracker for probably $20 (avoid plastic crackers as they crack after so many uses, get metal). as far as the robitussin, DO NOT get coricidin as high doses of chlorpheneramine maleate is not fun and bad for the body, if not deadly depending on how high a dose you take. the ONLY thing you should get is robitussin (or generic) coughgels, they should say 8 hours on the pack, come in a little bottle, and be 20 pills a bottle. your first time, try about 10, if your ok with that, wait a few days and try a whole bottle. i would advise against doing dextromethorphan (the active ingredient in robitussin) often as it seems hard on the body and mind, i personally down 25 pills every so often for the hell of it, to have fun and such, but starting out at 25 pills (360mg) isnt probably too advisable as some people REALLY do not take well with this drug. also try hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, get them from somewhere that doesnt coat the seeds with cyanide glycosides but if they do, you can probably scrape most of it off when you scrape the brown fuzzy stuff off the seeds that your supposed to before eating them with a razor blade, but to be cautious wash them thoroughly also and dont take too many. consult for more info. these seeds contain LSA (lysergic acid amine or something like that) which is structually and pharmacologically similar to LSD, but is much weaker and lacks some of the more interesting effects of its big brother. those, alcohol, and salvia which i recommend you get a 10x standardized extract minimum or dont bother, are the only legal highs i know of, that actually work and work well. everything else like dramamine, benadryl, nutmeg, all that **** is stupid, and never take datura. now there are some herbs like kava kava and valerian but i wouldnt neccesarily call them highs more than herbal supplements to help relax a tad.
if it’s legal i don’t want it
Try to get high on life.
salvia!you smoke it like you would pot, but its still legal
Pride from a job well done. Don’t risk your life for a high.
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