Alternative Medicines like Homeopathy for the patient of Meningioma.?

Q:The Patient is a 70 year old lady. CT scan shows 4×3.5×2.9 Cms hyperdense lesion along inner table of right parietal calvarium. Also shows moderate perilesional white matter odema. All is suggestive of Meningioma. The patient sufferent some sort of paralysis when blood pressure was high. I am interested in knowing the cure without surgery, if possible. Is Surgery at the age of 70 with history of high blood pressure safe? Diet is normal but feeling of irritation in the head, headache and nausea have been felt.
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The Following Homeopathic Remedies will help in curing almost all sorts of brain tumors .ARSENICUM ALBUM 200C 1st night one dose PHOSPHORUS 200C 2nd night one dose. To be carried on exactly in the same sequence one night one dose of Arsenic Album the next Phosphorus and follow them up every four hourly with these Cell Salts(1)KALI PHOS 6X. (2)CALC FLOUR 6X. (3)CALC PHOS 6X. (4)MAG PHOS 6X. (5)SILICEA 6XAll of these five salts together 4 tablets each every four hours.This prescription will not interfere with the regular medication nor will they cause any side effects or complications of any sort.In homeopathy the best way to prescribe and treat is by the exact symptoms the patient tells you. How and what the sick person exactly feels is how homeopathy goes about treating and curing him. So it would be lots better if the patient gives his or her details in their own words not the pathological diagnosis of the doctor.Keep us informed about the progress and conditions of the patient on regular basis if you decide to take this prescription.The medicines I have prescribed on my experience more then 20 years, and knowledge of Homeopathic Medicine and extensive studies in the field of Homeopathic Medicine. Avoid Chocolates, Coffee, Mints, Red Meat and Carbonated and Alcoholic drinks while taking Homeopathic Medicines and keep the medicines away from heat,sunlight,fragrances and scents and do not store in a fridge and keep the lids tightly on at all the timesPlease feel free to contact me for totally free consultation and advise regarding Homeopathic Medicine here on s. I say the knowledge which cannot help others is totally useless so I use mine to help as many as I can. May God help me in being of service to as many as I possibly can be. Amen !Take Care and God Bless you.
You asked for alternative medicines which I will assume you included alternative methods. We have helped many and are completely free of all obligations. We don’t even ask for donations or pledges or anything else. Contact us at the listed web site and fill out the request form.Vaya con DIOS
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