My uncle found a little white round pill in his daughters backpack..?

Q:It has no markings on it. Does anyone happen to know what this is?
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could be anything. possibly ecstacy, they come with many different markings, sometimes bet would be to take it to a local pharmacy or hospital.
could be a NODOZ..those are little caffeine pills..they keep you awake and are legali’m not sure if that is what it is
I suggest he take it to the pharmacist and find out what it is.
a little white pill — discretion is the better part of valor — if you don’t know what it is best to drop the subject and let the uncle know there is such a thing as being a little too intrusive.
cheap aspirin?
It could be anything from birth control to Midol to a drug.He should his daughter instead of trying to figure it out for himself. It will NOT end well if he thinks it’s something it’s not.
birth control?
It has no markings on it? Hmm. I am not for sure, but I know that most prescriptions (esp narcotics) have markings so they can be identified.The ones who don’t as far as I know are things like vitamins. Vitamin C is a white pill (some brands) with no markings, but it is not little.He could just out and out ask his daughter what it is.Edit add: I was curious about the question and looked it up on the net. In some areas of the country (like in the East) Ectasy can be a white pill with no markings. Ectasy is a drug that some teens seem to get involved with.However, here is an alternative. Maybe someone was encouraging her to take it and she didn’t. Put it in her backpack and then forgot about it. Alot of times teen who are using are careful with where they hide thier “stuff”.
He can take it to a pharmacy for identification.
your cousin should be more care full when it comes to leaving stuff in her backpack.
It could be many things. It could even just be a generic asprin or something. There are sites with pictures of pills so that you can identify them. Try googling for it.
It could be Almost anything take it to the Pharmacy and let them identify it
it might be a sugar pill or some type of medicine, but if it doesnt have a marking then i highly doubt it is any type of drug like ecstacy
or pain killer, it wont be ecstacy because it always has a marking on the pill. it could be a roofie 2.
Most likely a vitamin. Some small white pills like vitamin B have no markings. Dont jump to conclusions just have him ask her what it is?
it could be apsolutly anything form the most dangerious drug to the cheapest harmless drug so you can try and ask her/him what it is or take it down to the doctors to seee if they can work out what it istmswainyboyplease help me get points by choosein me as your favourite message thatnk you very much for your support is it GREATLY appreciated
I am a nurse, and there are many pills that could fit this description, including many prescription medications. So whether it is from someone’s prescription, or an illegal drug, the question is, why would she have it? However, it could also be a legal over-the-counter medication, such as a generic aspirin. The best thing to do would be for your uncle to sit down with his daughter and ask her. Or if you are close to the girl, maybe you could talk to her.
She had a packet of Tic Tacs in her bag and 1 fell out ?
He can take it to a police dept or hospital to have it analyzed
tic tac ?
If it has no markings on it, there’s really no way to tell what it is. On the ‘net sites mentioned before, you need to know what the markings are if you want to look it up to see what it is. Your pharmacist isn’t going to know without the markings on it, either. I’d ask your cousin what it is. You’ll probably get the best, honest answer if you ask her casually, not accusatory. She won’t be happy that you looked through her stuff, so try to show that you did that only because you were worried about her. Good luck!
If you are so worried about it call the police for testing.My parents did this once when they found a bag of pinkish-white powder in the freezer,Turns out the repairman had left it to deodorize and absorb moisture!
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