Sore throats!?

Q:how THE HELL can you get rid of it apart from gargling with warm salt water and taking thousamds of strepsil lozenges- they dont seem to work on me. HELP
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Chloraseptic sore throat spray works for me.
The lozenges aren’t meant to heal it, only make you feel better. Don’t take so many, you are over medicating. Instead drink lots of warm fluids, OJ, and water. If you take the lozenges don’t have more then 1 per hour.
I swear this might sound CRAZY. .but you have to be over 21. :] (But who am I to say? I am 20.. and I have done this many times before.)Take a shot of whiskey.It will be so strong, it will kill all the nasty stuff at the back of the throat.I SWEAR it will work. Believe me. Try it. You will thank me later.Also, after you take the shot and if you feel stuffy, go in the bathroom, close the door, and steam up the bathroom by running the shower. Sit in the steam and it will clear up everything. :]
slippery elm bark lozenges or traditional medicinal’s throat coat tea.
Mix 1/4Th cup of Vinegar, to 1/4Th cup of honey Take 1 tablespoon 6 times a day. The vinegar will kill the bacteria.
There’s no magic bullet for a sore throat. Most are from viral infections and will clear up in about a week without any medications. Otyher are from bacterial infections and often require antibiotics. It is very important for you to determine which type you have. Repeated bacterial infections in the throat will first damage your tonsils. They will begin to develop microscopic pits that will allow future bacteria a better hiding place to grow and give you another sore throat. Additionally, repeated infections can severely damage the heart valves (otherwise known as rheumatic fever), cause nephritis in the kidney, sinusitis, and ear infections.Other than lozengers and warm salt water, hot tea WITH honey will help make swallowing easier. Stay away from creamy foods and drinks such as ice cream, milk, etc..residue from these can actually sit in the back of your throat and provide “food” for bacteria to grow and divide more rapidly. You have to drink tons of fluids and eat healthy to assist your body in fighting off the infection.
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