Has any one ever inhaled a piercing?

Q:Say if the ball came off a tounge piercing and breathed it in.? could this kill you?
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It’s unlikely for this to happen. It is theoretically possible, but the metal ball is too small to choke you, so you would just swallow it. I’ve had this happen to several friends of mine, and they are all still alive and kicking. The worst that can happen with a piercing is that it get infected because you didn’t take proper care of it, or that you bite down on it and crack a tooth. Be more concerned about cracking a tooth than swallowing your tongue ring, okay? probly not but if you want to put it back in your tounge you will have to collect all your poo for a while and get it out of that and put it strait into your mouth
ya not gonna die, i’ve swallowed 1 and inhaled 1 into my lungs(after a bong) so it was a long way in, if it’s in ya lungs it’s there for a while, if it’s in ya tummy it’ll be out in a day or two. I swallowed the ball to my tongue ring once, it was plastic. I guess everything came out alright in the end!!
I swallowed the barbell with one ball attached once. and i found the other ball floating in my soup. I don’t know about breathing it in, it sounds very unlikely i have swallowed several tongue bars balls and all. i doubt u would inhale one as they are very heavy even the ball, the little valve/flap would shut tight and the ball would go into ur oesophagus/tummy instead. if by some chance it made it into ur lungs i doubt it would kill u eventually uld cough it up.
you would cough it up, maybe do a power spew. i doubt it would kill you, but why dont you try it and let me know 🙂 Holy crap! Sounds like you could choke on that!!
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