painful lesions in the stomach area?

Q:my mum is suffering from lesions due to a c-section a long time ago.She is sometimes in chronic pain sometimes its so bad that she has to go to hospital .the doctors said that there is nothing they can do but give her pain killers.Is there any execises that will ease the pain and has anyone suffered the same symptoms.Please help me with this problem as i dont like seeing her in such pain.many thanks
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With approval from her doctor, seek out a Massage Therapist experienced in Scar Treatment. Many people have had great success with this treatment. Check out the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork website for certified therapists in your area. Best of different doctors have different opinions.has she gotten a 2nd opinion from another doctor?.good luck hi. are you sure she doesnt have adhesions. women sometimes get them after a c section?
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