what is metastitic secondary thyroid carcinoma?

Q:what is metastitic secondary thyroid carcinoma?
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carcinoma of thyroid developing from a pre existing thyroid condition like goitre=secondary which spreads to different part of the body (metastasis)
Not a question to be asked in the Alternative Medicine section. Real medicine is the only thing that can even have a chance at treating that. Herbs, crystals, prayer, and positive thinking are no substitute for real treatments.Good luck, and trust your doctors, not the con-artists who will promise you miracles for a modest donation.
better known as mstc? The word metastatic or secondary indicate the cancer that was not originally born at that site but travelled from a far off area to this site through blood, or lympatic channels. So the type of thyroid carcinoma that has travelled from somewhere else is know as metastatic carcinoma.
Metastatic means that it has spread from somewhere, secondarily. In other words, the carcinoma, or cancer, has spread from some other part of the body into the thyroid.Any kind of metastases are bad but thyroid is perhaps the least dangerous of the absolute worst. This doesn’t detract from the danger, it only makes the prognosis a little bit better.There are many new treatments out there in the world, which include surgery, chemotherapy and the Gamma Knife. The last place you should look is in an alternative medicine answer on Yahoo!.Seek treatment from world-renowned specialists, such as the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, who can lead you to a certified Cancer Specialist in your area.Do it now and don’t wait. Time is of the essence.Best of luck to you! Source(s):Master Degree in Acupuncture, Oriental Philosophy and Oriental Medicine.
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