Is canola oil healthy or REAL bad?

Q:On the one hand I find web pages that tell me canola oil is so bad and not really intended for human consumption – more a thinner for paint.But then there is the indication that other people consider this a healthy choice as more and more items in health food stores praise it as one of the ingrediences.What now is really true – and how can I make up my mind?
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Yes, because it’s made from heated oils. Butter is the best and most natural way but use it in moderation.
any cold pressed vegetable oil is superior to any heat extracted aware that such oils are actually very concentrated food. they lack the fibre, minerals and water that you would consume eating the original plant. you should use only one or two teaspoons daily.cold pressed canola is rich in good things for your body.
It’s healthy.Read abouth the myths: It is a very healty oil.I use it all the time and my family has been using it for ages.
Canola is one of the healthy ones.. Source(s):I’ve been consulting with a dietician for about a month now.
I’ve always understood it to be more healthy then most. I use olive oil most of the time (for saute and keeping things from sticking to the pan). But it breaks down quicker at high temperatures and is expensive. When I used to occasionally fry food, I used canola. I keep some around, when I have a kitchen to use. I have inherited cholesterol problems and can’t fry anything anymore.
Pure nastiness!First of all it is genetically modifed frankenfood.Second it is extracted with solvents.If you can find expeller-pressed organic then my answer would be different, but most of the stuff on the shelf is just plain bad. Stick with expeller pressed olive oil and don’t look back.(and vegetables don’t contain cholesterol in significant amounts)
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