will taking calcium, chromium picolsomething, omega 3 and green tea extract help you lose weight?

Q:im just wondering becasue i started taking them today. do they help boost metabolism? how long till results are seen? if you post from a website try to sum it up in yourt own words. i dont undetsand all those scientifical words.
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Omega3 fatty acids are good fats.(fish oil 1200-2400 mg per day.green tea does about everything good(lol) calcium is known to help loose both good and bad fats. You got me on the picolsomething. I dunno. Good Luck
will help promote but, u gotta eat better, exercise, and tell ur self ur gonna lose that weight
There is nothing you can take that will make you lose weight without a healthy diet and exercise.
Hi love lily. Be wary of the ‘scare mongers’ on this site. All three of the items you mention have some evidence for biological roles in energy metabolism and possibly weight loss. However, they are NOT ‘weight loss supplements’. Taken by themselves, they will have little benefit in weight loss.They are reasonable supplements to your diet, however. Most people do not consume enough calcium in their diets, so a quality supplement of 500-600 milligrams/day is a good idea. Calcium Citrate is a good source of supplemental calcium.Chromium picolinate has been shown to assist the body’s utilization of glucose by improving the action of insulin. A daily dose of 200 micrograms is considered safe. Yes, very high doses for long periods of time can be toxic.Green tea has many, many positive benefits. It has antioxidants, anticancer effects, and a lot of good things going for it. It is not going to ‘kill you’. But regular intake of 4 or more cups of tea per day might reduce your risk for a lot chronic and life-threatening diseases, and that is a GOOD thing!Hope this was helpful. Best wishes and good luck.
No. That simple enough for you? Exercise and proper eating are the best ways to lose weight and boost your metabolism. There are some supplements that will help, but you should exercise and eat properly first. No asswipe. Stop EATING and start RUNNING. Dope.
actually yes. and its called chromium picolinate. it helps stimulate muscle growth. but, taking all these and not eating healthy and exercising will not help you one bit.and the herbs will have to be in your system 10 consecutive days before taking effect. if you start to feel different than normal, don’t worry, that is only your body getting used to the healthy things you are putting into it, just remember, taking chromium will make you gain and build muscle, since muscle weighs more that fat, you will convert from fat to muscle. don’t be alarmed when you don’t loose anything. just remember that you are burning fat..go to a local health food store and see if they have a BMI scale. this means Body Mass Index.it will tell you how much of you is fat, muscle, and normal body organs. based on your height and age and gender, it will calculate what you need to loose to be in a healthy range, and the clerk working might even be able to help you with certain foods and vitamins to help the process. Source(s):you can do it!! good luck-former weight-loss consultant @ Metabolic Research Center-look them up!
Chromium picolinate will help you lose weight but it is very dangerous and can cause kidney failure and other awful things if taken too often. Green tea is an antioxidant, and any antioxidant should clean out your body. Low fat dairy products will definetly help you lose weight. I dont know about omega 3, but I do know it is great for your hair, nails, and skin. Source(s):Nutrition class and personal experience
FIRST, you had better talk to your DOCTOR and tell him/her what you are taking!You can actually overload your system on some drugs, and yes, each of these are a drug, and if you overload on them they can cause SERIOUS side effects, and possible, even DEATH!!Get with your doctor before taking lots of mega doses of ANY THING, because you may have a reaction that may leave you in a position, where Death, would be welcomed! Like in a coma or something even more sinister.I wish you well..Jesse
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