1% of the Keys to Happiness

Lesson 4: Has your breathing become healthier? A healthy breath starts with a complete exhalation. It empties the lungs of the poisons and wastes that accumulate there. Quietly blowing out through slightly opened lips helps get it all out. Then there is a pause and the air rushes in without effort. A healthy breath is like heaving a sigh of relief and relaxation.

The next exercise can accompany awareness of breathing. Evolution has given us the genes and structure for multitasking. A key to happiness is functioning as our genes and structure intended.

While staying aware of breathing, pay attention to as many gross movements as possible. Define gross as you wish, but include speaking. You are starting to work on knowing what you’re doing. Knowing that is a key to happiness.

Again, record what you learn. Include your theories of why doing Lesson 4 might make you happier. Note your failures to know what you are doing. Breathing is our most vital function. It is well worth some attention. Our effect on the world and other people is all accomplished through bodily movements.

Lesson 5 will start with a absolute necessity for happiness.

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