10 Adult Halloween Costumes Each Under $20 and Available Online

If you are an adult looking for an inexpensive costume for Halloween this year, this piece will provide you with 10 costumes you can purchase online for under $20.00! You’ll get a great Halloween look at a very low price, which no one has to know about unless you tell them!

Adult Halloween Costumes that costs under $20.00

#1- Witch Cape Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $3.00) – All you need to complete this witch outfit is your own dress and an inexpensive hat (try your local dollar store). A purple or black dress would look great. For $3.00 you get a ruffled capelet which can be hand washed in cold water, and comes in adult women’s sizes. Finish your gothic witch look off with black tights and some heels, and voila, you are a sexy witch!

#2. Vampire Cape Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $3.00) – If you are a fan of the popular Twilight Saga series, you will love this Vampire Cape! The cape let has a stand-up collar and it is red and black. Made from polyester and nylon, it is machine washable in cold water. It is also available in adult men’s sizes. Women, wear the cape with your own black dress, tights, and heels to create a popular look this Halloween!

#3 Caesar Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $10.00) – For the history buff, dress like Caesar this Halloween. This costume comes in men’s and women’s sizes. For $10.00 you get 2 wrist cuffs, robe, shoulder drape and headpiece. Fabric is 100% polyester. The costume is not washable. You will add your own shoes to complete your Caesar costume.

#4 Elvis Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $12.00) – Make your man (King) this year as Elvis! This costume includes a printed jumpsuit, red scarf, and belt! Not included are the wig, microphone, shoes, and sunglasses, which shouldn’t be hard to find for a few more dollars. The costume can be washed by hand in cold water with no bleach and should be laid flat to dry. Let Elvis rock the house at this year’s Halloween party!

#5 Police Officer Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $13.88) – Be a noble police officer this Halloween! This police officer costume includes the hat, top, badge, handcuffs and utility belt. You add your own shoes, pants, sunglasses, and night stick. It is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable in cold water. The costume is available in adult men’s sizes.

#6 Aesthetic Angel Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $15.97) – If you are a good girl, why not show it and get this beautiful angel costume in solid white! It comes with the dress, wings, and a halo. Sizes available are small, medium, large, and 16W-20W. All you need to finish this outfit off are shoes. White ballerina slippers would look great with this costume and they would be comfy too! The dress is 100% polyester and can be hand washed in cold water.

#7 Glamour Flapper Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $12.00) – Want to be a fabulous roaring 1920’s Flapper? You can be with this Flapper adult costume that includes a sequin black dress and headband! Finish the costume with your black heels, fishnet stockings, jewelry and you’re ready for a night of Halloween partying. Fabric is 95% polyester and 5%PVC and is machine washable as a separate.

#8 Sweet as Honey Bumble Bee Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $19.97) – Cute and colorful describe this adult bumble bee costume for women! Available in S-M-L, this adorable costume includes a one piece dress, wings, leggings, and an antennae headband. This costume is flattering and form-fitting and all eyes will light on you when you show up in this Halloween attire! The only thing not included is the shoes. Any black shoes will complete this unique look!

#9 Doctor Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $ 15.97) – The doctor costume for men is available in sizes L-XL-2XL For $15.97 you get a top, hat, pants, stethoscope, and a name badge! Not bad for the price! All you need are your own shoes and magically you can be a doctor for Halloween! It is made of 91% polyester and 9% cotton and is washed by hand in cold water.

#10 Black Widow Adult Halloween Costume (Cost $15.97) – The elaborately web designed veil and black dress will draw all who come into contact with you into your web. They will be intrigued and captured by you! The costume includes black dress, veil, and arm gauntlets. Add boots, stockings, and a wig (optional) to complete the outfit. You can order this costume in S-M-L- (16W-20W). This costume cannot be washed. It is to be wiped clean by hand only.

To read more about each costume and order it online, just click on the links. Prices on these may vary in stores, but the prices listed above are for online ordering. All of these costumes are available at www.Walmart.com and can either be shipped to your home or shipped free to a Walmart near you.

These 10 costumes less than $20 each will not break your budget and can be reused if desired. Adults want to have fun on Halloween, so don’t deprive yourself this year! You need to make your selection now and order quickly as some styles and sizes may be unavailable if you wait!

Note: I am not an employee of Walmart and in no way affiliated with Walmart other than as a frequent shopper there.

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