10 Best Halloween 2011 Deals in Dallas, Texas You Don’t Want to Miss

Everybody loves the best Halloween 2011 deals. In Dallas, Texas, we don’t run out of great stuff to scare the wits out of brave souls. Whether it’s a discount coupon, a special group rate or a free Halloween ride, check out these awesome deals you can’t pass up this Halloween in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.

1. Dallas Scaregrounds

What’s different about this year’s attractions? The Dallas Scaregrounds now have the interactive Zombie laser tag show where the walking dead shoot back at you. You can get printable coupons from Dallas Scaregrounds here. The discount coupon is valid per person and can only be accessed online. These discount coupons give access to the top three haunted attractions: The Terrrotorium, The Necrotorium, and The Hallucinatorium.

2. Cutting Edge Haunted House

Cutting Edge, the largest haunted house, sends coupons via email and cellphone, so you can sign up for a discount. Once you subscribe they will email your coupon and other special promotions to you. Only one coupon is allowed per email address.

For those who still don’t know, the Cutting Edge Haunted House holds the Guinness World Record of being the largest walk-through haunted house in the world. Don’t plan on just checking out this creepy abode, because you’re sure to find yourself shuddering hours after you’ve left the place. The Cutting Edge is located in Fort Worth, TX.

If you come as a group of 15 or more people, you can get 15% off on your regular ticket prices. You must fill in the form here in order to reserve tickets. However, on October 21, 22, 28 or 29, the Cutting Edge does not allow group bookings.

3. Moxley Manor

This year Moxley Manor “has live actors, horrific scenes, gallons of blood and lots of screams from tortured souls!” According to the Dallas / Ft. Worth’s Paranormal Society Investigators, the Moxley Manor may actually be haunted, with video recordings of ghostly presence during a 3 hour lock-in conducted by the paranormal investigators. Fact or fiction? Find out for yourself.

Here’s a fact though: You can sign up for a $2 discount just like I did. And if you do invite your friends of up to 20 people, you are eligible for more discounts. You have to email them at [email protected] to find out how much you can save.

4. Hangman’s House of Horrors

There are plenty of great deals at the Hangman’s House of Horrors. On October 26, it’s Two-for-One Night — you can get two general admission tickets for the price of one, if you purchase a 20-oz. Coca-Cola drink. On October 30, 5 pm-7 pm, for $10 you can get access to all the four attractions at Hangman’s House of Horrors. You cannot use the coupon in this promo. This is great for anyone who wants to experience the scary thrill in the early hours of twilight, before it gets really dark and freaky.

If you’re buying passes as a big group of 20 or more, you can get discounts if you book in advance.
They also give $1 discounts to military or firefighter personnel. Parking is free at the Hangman’s House of Horrors.

You can download the coupon here which looks like this. Apart from the three side attractions: McDagenville, The Labyrinth and 3-D Wonderland, they also have live bands, karaoke, a Euro-bungee, laser tag, festival activities, novelties, concessions and more.

5. Reindeer Manor

I love Reindeer Manor for the simple reason that they let you avail of discounts through various options. For example, you can donate canned goods or print out a coupon and get $5 or $3 off. Reindeer Manor let you use one coupon per person on the standard ticket. They also give special rates if you come in as a group of 10 or more.

Something else that may interest you, is that even if you don’t feel like going to the scary walk-through, you can still visit and take the free Hayride, get free admission to the Macabre Midway, and check out the free Graveyard/Rooftop shows. The Reindeer Manor doesn’t charge guests for parking.

6. Terrorplex

Although they will ask you to sign up with your email, the Terrorplex staff is generous with coupons. You can print one for each member of your family or friends.

Apart from the mainstays such as the four haunted attractions, an outdoor maze, and other dark amusements including two sideshows, the Terrorplex now lets you use QR Codes throughout the complex. What are QR Codes for? These are barcodes that you can scan on your phone at various places that tell you stories or show videos about the scary attractions. You can download the Apps CODE READER or ask for help at the complex. This year, they feature Colonel Clucker’s Chainsaw Chicken Shack, and Infected as two of the newest attractions.

7. Thrillvania

You need to sign up with your email to get a coupon and they will email it to you before you can access it. Here is how the coupon looks like. Of course if you want to receive discounts in the future, you should go and sign up for yourself here.

Thrillvania features Labyrinth of Terror in 3D, Six Feet Blunder, Maze of Chaos, Voodoo Bayou, The World Famous Verdun Manor, and plenty more. If you’re bringing children 13 years and younger, they can get in for a mere $13.

8. Fatal End

Getting a pass at Fatal End can get you the best deals in many attractions such as The Fatal End at the West End, The Necroplex, and The Parker House. Additionally, at the price of $49, you can get various shopping discounts on places such as the Grapevine Mills, the Irving Mall, or the Galleria in Dallas.
Here’s a great deal you should try at the Fatal End, try riding the Dallas Haunted Express (the DART) when you buy admission tickets. Why? Because by riding the Dallas Haunted Express and stopping at every haunt, they slash off $4 from your admission ticket.

9. Free Halloween Theater Film

If you’re short on money but still want to experience the thrill of Halloween, try visiting the outside atrium of Angelika Film Center & Cafe in Dallas. They have a variety of films to show each night, one of which is the notorious Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. This horror flick is free and will be shown on October 27, at 8 pm, as a part of the Hitchcocktober Halloween film series.

10. Free Halloween Fun at Traders Village

“La Z” Radio will host the Haunted Hallway on Saturday, October 29th 2011. There will be plenty of tricks-or-treats to give away to kids (they better be dressed in wacky Halloween costumes!)

Traders Village is located at 2602 Mayfield Road, Grand Prairie, one mile north of I-20, taking the Hwy. 360 exit. There is no admission charge to Traders Village, which is open every Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM to Dusk. Parking is only $3.00 per vehicle.

For those who have never been to the Traders Village — it’s a great place to find bargain items as well — anything from household items to car parts and miscellaneous stuff. Don’t miss this event!

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