10 Exercise Ideas that Beat the Heat

Summer is upon, that is for sure, and we are seeing temperatures well into the triple digits. You can break a sweat just walking from the house to the car. So, how does one continue to build a healthier self when you can’t even breathe outdoors without getting heat stroke, let alone work out? Exactly how does one exercise in this heat? The following are ten exercise ideas that, in fact, beat the heat.

We begin by discussing a sure fire way to avoid those hot temperatures and still keep your exercise routine going strong. Bring the work out indoors where there is air conditioning. Almost all local gyms provide a wonderfully cooled environment with several different types of work out equipment. From treadmills and the elliptical to free weights and dance classes, you can keep fit and stay cool doing it.

If you desire to keep the work out indoors, there are also several other exercise ideas that beat the heat indoors without the traditional air conditioned routine. House cleaning burns calories just as good as working the elliptical for thirty minutes can. Vacuum, dust, make the beds, etc. and you are sure to keep fit while not melting away into a puddle on the street. You can also get involved in those video game workouts in your home. Play tennis or do aerobics in the privacy of your own home while still staying away from the sun. You can also take the family out for a few games of bowling. Spend some time laughing, rolling bowling balls down the alley, and knocking over some pins while staying free from the high temps.

A last indoor activity that is sure to be fun and free from heat is dancing. It burns calories, works the entire body, and is so much fun. Get a partner or hit the dance floor by yourself. Go to a club or take a class. Work out, keep cool, ad have fun doing it.

Three additional exercise ideas that beat the heat are found in water. First, take the party to the pool and swim your way to a better body while staying clear of that hundred degree temperature. Or head to the lake and spend the day water skiing. It builds up strong leg muscles and works your core while also keeping you crazy chilled with both cool water and a fresh air breeze. A last idea for the water is, head to the beach for a beach volleyball tournament. Work your entire body and break a sweat only to turn around and wash it all off in the ocean water.

Avoid the hours of peak heat by running early in the morning, wash the car or mow the lawn when the sun is on the horizon, or take a brisk walk with the dog later in the evening when the sun is not high in the sky and firing red hot.

The tenth and final idea for ways to keep cool while exercising in this heat is to garden. Gardening burns calories, can be done at times when the sun is not burning down on you, and it is also relaxing. What better way to start or end the day then to garden.

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