10 Haiku Poems

We always stand by you

still unheard our cry, we are the same

Trees …you all pass by

A power full blast stroked

white blood patch, in a red pool

that was of a cockroach

If loving is only giving

Is it applicable to the stealer? Oops!

you promised me conventional love!

Welcome everyone on moon ride

If you find salty water, keep quiet

You stepped on Moon’s covert inner core

When I claim being happy

disbelief reproduces in my eyes, if I

say no…would you believe?

Ocean haikus

Clouds apparently back to the

Ocean, forgot to put down salt within

Now back with acidulous disposition!

Lets drown all cryptic vibes

Those lack depth , in our dense lives

Ocean could conceal , annoying hives.

Deep down that blue ocean

There lived a fairy, her name ”Green”

She changed name ” cruise queen”.

When night falls, the ocean,

Weeps silently, tear drops accumulates within, now

White / pink pearls will form

An ocean within you, another

In me, try to come closer, closer

Till absorbed within each other.

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