10 Scary Songs for Halloween

The things that go bump in the night in these spooky songs are probably just the bass, or a drum … or maybe it’s actually your own heart that you hear!

Black Sabbath – “Black Sabbath”
The band, the song, and the album it came from all have the same name. That’s some sort of symbol for evil, right?

The Kinks – “Wicked Annabella”
You can hardly go wrong with any song that includes a “dark and misty house” and “little enslaved demons.”

Alice Cooper – “This House Is Haunted”
Cue up this song. Close your eyes. Listen. Now, can’t you feel the cold wind and hear the little voice?

Led Zeppelin – “The Battle For Evermore”
Ringwraiths, magic runes and castles make for the kind of song you don’t want to listen to in the dark. Especially if it’s raining.

The Doors – “The Ghost Song”
The late Jim Morrison was fascinated by the spirit world. That’s quite apparent in this song about the music and voices of the “ancient ones.”

The Rolling Stones – “Sympathy For The Devil”
Life, as seen through the eyes if Lucifer, who, in the course of describing himself, threatens to “lay your soul to waste.”

Warren Zevon – “Werewolves of London”
Zevon very often had tongue firmly planted in his cheek, and so it is with this song. But if you close your eyes and visualize the storyline, you’ll be spooked nonetheless.

Jim Stafford – “Swamp Witch”
There’s hardly anything scarier than a swamp at night. Spoken, not sung, the song guarantees you’ll heed the warning to “stay off the track of Hattie’s shack in the back of the black bayou.”

Charlie Daniels Band – “Legend of Wooley Swamp”
Continuing the swamp theme, the setting is Booger Woods, a place where “they say the ghost of Lucius Clay gets up and he walks around.”

The Ramones – “Pet Sematary”

Like the scary Stephen King movie on whose soundtrack it appeared, the song is about a cemetery in which the dead are brough back to live.

Have a happy, safe and creepy Halloween, won’t you?

Source: Y! Music

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