10 Things About Emily VanCamp

Emily VanCamp is returning to television with ABC’s new hit show Revenge. What do you know about Emily VanCamp?

Let’s see how much you know about Emily.

Trivia Questions

1. What language is Emily fluent in?

2. Where does Emily currently live?

3. What is her favorite sport?

4. Who is her favorite idol?

5. Where would Emily love to film a movie?

6. What is Emily’s ideal pet?

7. What role is Emily best known for?

8. What type of dance is Emily most interested in?

9. How many siblings does Emily have?

10. What is one of Emily’s interests?


1. Born in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada, Emily grew up speaking French. She is also working on her Spanish.

2. Emily currently resides in the suburbs of Montreal, B.C.

3. Emily loves hockey and her favorite team happens to be the Montreal Canadians.

4. Emily’s favorite idol is Audrey Hepburn. She has truly inspired Emily.

5. Emily believes that all the best films are Spanish films.

6. Emily really loves big dogs and hopes to get one when she has more time in her schedule.

7. Emily played the role of Amy Abbott in the series Everwood.

8. Emily is well trained in the art of dance. She is into jazz, hip hop, ballet and tap.

9. Emily has three sisters: Katie, Alison, and Molly.

10.Emily’s first splurge happened to be the purchase of an F100 Nikon Camera.

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