10 Unique Homemade Smurf Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’ve decided to dress as a Smurf for Halloween this year but are wondering how to make your costume stand out from the crowd here are ten Smurf costume ideas that will make your Halloween costume truly one of a kind. For each of these ideas you will need to start out with a basic Smurf or Smurfette Halloween costume. If you don’t already have a Smurf costume you can make your own by clicking here or here and following the easy no sew directions provided.

Ten Unique Smurf Halloween Costume Ideas

Biker Smurf

For this unique Smurf Halloween costume you will need to replace the traditional white Smurf pants with a pair of leather pants or old beat up jeans. Wear a pair of black boots, a leather or denim jacket with Hells Smurfs written on the back. Add a biker cap or helmet and some temporary tattoo’s to finish the look.

Hippie Smurf

Get your groove on with this cool 60’s inspires Smurf costume. You’ll need a pair of white or denim flare leg pants, a tie dyed tee, long hair or a wig, headband, love beads or a peace sign necklace and a pair of moccasins or sandals. To complete the look make a protest sign out of poster board and a wooden dowel that says “Love Smurfs, Not War” or something similar.

Punk Rock Smurf

To pull off this cool costume you will need a pair of bondage pants or tight black pants, a ripped up anarchy or punk rock band tee, combat boots, studded leather bracelet and spike belt. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and add a Mohawk style wig to complete the look. Can’t find a wig? You can also spike your own hair and spray it different colors with colored hairspray to give your Smurf costume that cool punk rock edge.

Hooker Smurf

For this costume follow the basic Smurfette costume but choose a very tight and revealing dress, extremely high heeled shoes and fish net stockings. Add fake eyelashes, lots of bright make up and a feather boa to complete the look.

Papa Pimp

Pair this unique Smurf Halloween costume with the Hooker Smurf costume for a great couples Halloween costume. To pull it off follow this basic Papa Smurf costume. To complete the look add a pimp style hat and jacket, a cane and lots of gold bling.

Zombie Smurf

You can make this scary Smurf Halloween costume by adding some rips to the basic Smurfette or Smurf costume. Next rub some dirt and fake blood on the costume and stick a few twigs in your hair or poking out of the Smurf cap. To complete the look use black make up in addition to the blue Smurf face make up to add shadows under the eyes, along the cheek bones and on the lips.

Lady GaGa Smurf

You can give your Smurfette costume a cool and funky vibe by recreating one of Lady GaGa’s famous looks such as the meat dress she wore to the 2010 Video Music Awards. To make a “smurfy” meat dress start out with a basic Smurfette dress and hot glue felt or plastic pieces of meat all over your dress and hat. Add some funky sunglasses and shoes to complete the look.

Octo Smurf

Inspired by Nadya Suleman the California mom who gave birth to octuplets, Octo Smurf is sure to be a unique Halloween costume. To pull this costume off start with a basic Smurfette costume and substitute a long black wig for Smurfette’s blond one. Next add some full red lips and finish by attaching eight stuffed or plastic Smurfs to the Smurfette costume.

Vampire Smurf

With just a few items you can turn a plain Smurf or Smurfette costume into a cool Vampire Smurf. To pull off this costume you will need some fake vampire teeth, a black cape, fake blood and black pants or a black dress and shoes in place of the traditional white Smurf attire. Use make up to add dark eyebrows and some blood dripping from the corners of your lips to complete the look.

Accident Victim Smurf

This is a great Smurf themed costume for someone who is on crutches or has a cast due to a recent injury. Start with the basic Smurf costume and add a bloody head bandage, a pair of crutches and an arm sling. Use black fabric paint to create tire tracks on your Smurf costume and use a pair of scissors to cut some rips in the pants and cap. Finish by using make up to create some bloody cuts and bruises on your face.


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