Will the world end this year ? Will the mark of the beast be enforced ? Psychics, fortune tellers and even some misguided ministers say they know what events will take place tomorrow. Many may claim to know what is going to happen in the future and even what will happen within the next 12 months but there is only One who knows for sure. God Himself is all-knowing and can penetrate the mysteries of the future consistently without flaw. Those who connect with Him through Jesus Christ by faith are granted the privilege of understanding those things about the future which He reveals in His word. The Bible reveals today’s principles that are shaping tomorrow’s events. Many of these same principles rule in the lives of human beings and makes us somewhat predictable. Listed below are 100 predictions that will come to pass this year. As these predictions are fulfilled, other things will happen too.

1. Air will still be more important than money. Air will still be needed by the lungs and air will still be taken for granted by most people until they feel they can’t breathe. .

2. All of us will still be sinners. All of us will still need God’s pardoning grace for the forgiveness of sin and all of us will still need God’s enabling grace to resist sin.

3. Actions will still reveal the true character of a person more than a person’s words.

4. Attitudes will still need to be adjusted.

5. Anxiety will not decrease.

6. Beliefs will still have consequences.

7. Bad things will still happen to both good and bad people.

8. Birth, life and death, literally, physically and spiritually will continue.

9. Borrowers will still be servants to the lenders.

10. Banks will not admit that they have been making bad decisions that have hurt people.

11. Chance circumstances will not create living things

12. Christ-like character development will still be possible through trust in God.

13. Christ’s life, death, resurrection and intercession will still be the only hope for sinners.

14. Cancer will still be profitable for the medical industry.

15. Dead people in the graves will not begin to communicate with living people.

16. Deception about what happens after death will continue.

17. Disasters will continue to increase in intensity.

18. Diseases not helped by “orthodox” cures will still continue to be successfully treated by natural means.

19. Enthusiasm for empty things will continue.

20. Economies will not improve and become prosperous for all.

21. Equality of human beings will continue to be divided by money.

22. Exceptions to the rule will continue to weaken the rules.

23. Faith in human reason and human judgment will continue.

24. Faith in God will shine brighter through real Christians.

25. Families will still be under mental, physical, spiritual, and moral assault.

26. Failures caused by human error and human selfishness will continue.

27. God will still be good.

28. Grace will still be available to those whose earthly probation has not closed.

29. Garbage will still be published, produced, televised, advertised and accepted.

30. Good news will not become the main broadcast feature of ABC, NBC or CBS.

31. Hell will continue to be mistakenly believed to be a place of eternal torment.

32. Health will not be restored by health insurance.

33. Hope will not die.

34. Human beings will not grow more loving and patient.

35. Illness and its causes will still not be understood by many.

36. Intensity of feelings will continue to increase and rule more people.

37. Investments in vanity and vain things will continue.

38. Insight into the sequence of final events for the world will still be available.

39. Junk for the mind and the body will still cost money.

40. Jails will still have less prisoners than sin.

41. Jesus second coming will be nearer.

42. Journeys to nowhere will still be taken.

43. Killers and killing will not cease.

44. Kindness will not dramatically increase throughout the world.

45. Knowledge of God and eternal realities will not explode exponentially.

46. Kingly men with Christlike character qualities will continue to be too few.

47. Love will continue to be easily counterfeited, misunderstood and missing from many hearts.

48. Life will not result from an explosion or an accident or a big bang somewhere.

49. Luxury will still be mistakenly equated with happiness.

50. Luck will still be considered a business principle.

51. Mothers who are real mothers will still be burdened.

52. Men who choose to remain self-centered will increase in blindness.

53. Money will still rule the world behind the scenes.

54. Movies will continue to have power to influence the mind and shape character.

55. Noble thoughts and deeds will be too few.

56. Nuclear war will not destroy the entire world.

57. Nutritional value in corporate mass-produced food products will not increase.

58. Nations will not agree to love and help each other and to go to war no more.

59. Outrageous conduct will continue to be accepted as entertainment.

60. Obscene images will continue to be more and more acceptable to weak minds.

61. Out-of-touch minds will continue to have more and more influence over others.

62. Opposition to pure truth, real goodness and genuine holiness will continue.

63. Pain will increase and continue to be medicated mentally, physically and emotionally.

64. Power will still attract those with the most dangerous character deficits.

65. Promises will continue to be made by those who don’t intend to keep them and promises will be kept by those who have a wealth of personal integrity.

66. Personality will shine brighter than character in the estimation of shallow minds.

67. Questions presented to the government by many engineers, lawyers, scientists, military leaders and architects concerning the government story about September 11th 2001 will not be answered.

68. Quiet places will become more valuable.

69. Queen-like women with Christlike character qualities will continue to be too few.

70. Quantity will continue to be substituted for quality on social, medical, educational, religious and personal levels.

71. Repetition will still be used as an effective way to strengthen lies.

72. Rotting foundations will continue to destroy many of society’s institutions.

73. Rapeseed will continue to deceive people under the name “Canola” oil.

74. Reserve and modesty will not increase.

75. Selfishness will continue to strengthen in many hearts.

76. Supernatural sights and sounds including UFO’s will continue to deceive

77. Satellites will still be able to track citizens anywhere on the earth.

78. Strength of character will continue to be measured superficially.

79. Truth will continue to be suppressed by those who control the publishing and media outlets

80. TSA will not abolish itself nor apologize to all airline passengers for violating their rights.

81. Television programs will not improve significantly and begin to make great contributions to moral excellence.

82. Taste will continue to battle for first place above the other senses of hearing, touch and sight.

83. Unity of minds upon platforms of error will still continue to increase.

84. Urgent appeals to the conscience by the Holy Spirit will increase.

85. Unkind words will continue to be spoken in unkind tones.

86. Unusual weather patterns will continue to develop.

87. Victories over self will continue to be obtained.

88. Violations of trust will continue to increase.

89. Values based on material possessions will continue to mislead.

90. Vampires portrayed in movies or on television will not become real.

91. Water will still be needed by the body and mind inwardly, outwardly and spiritually.

92. Wars and rumors of wars will continue.

93. Wealth or lottery tickets still won’t solve the problem of a broken heart.

94. Weeping will still endure for a night.

95. X-rays will still not produce life after causing cells to mutate.

96. Xerox machines will still make copies just like words, thoughts and deeds will continued to be copied on earth and in the record books of heaven as well.

97. Yes there will still be a world to live in.

98. You will still only have today and right now. You will not be promised tomorrow.

99. Zero will still be the tolerance level for what the majority decides is wrong.

100. Zombies will remain in the movies. They won’t become real and take over the earth.

These predictions are all established by Bible prophecies and Bible principles. While these predictions may be considered general and easier to make, there are predictions, that could only be foreseen by God, with specific details regarding the United States and the role it will play in last day events. This too, is revealed in the Bible. Would you like to know something more specific about what will happen in America in the last days ? Check it out at – http://issues-of-life.weebly.com/ – and scroll down to start at the bottom of the page.

REFERENCES: Matthew 24,21:11/Acts 10:43/Isaiah 41:21-23, 42:9, 44:6-8, 46:9,10, 48:5,6/Amos 3:7/Hosea 12:10/2 Peter 1:19/Revelation 1:3, 22:7/Proverbs 22:3, 27:12/John 13:19, 14:29/Luke 21:28/2 Timothy 3:1-5

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