101 Changing the Media Model from Control by Distribution

It is not disputable that the power of the automatic and free global communication of information online is changing our world:toppling dictators, convicting criminals, exposing long kept secrets, writing the history of the world and preserving it forensically, spreading the Gospel (and other conflicting beliefs), escalating the eternal debate, exposing the heretofore hidden, speeding up everything and educating almost the entire population about both the good and the bad.

Just as our founding fathers in the US built this great nation based on a theory that had been henceforth untested: that the people could rule themselves better than any king or ruling class: I believe that the progression and advancement of the global free media is testing and proving a similar previously untested theory: that the eventual free flow of information is not only inevitable: it is basically good; and that good will win out with a free flow of information:

IE: On a level playing field, most people will do the right thing.

Since there has never been a level playing field, still, this is only a theory. However, I am asking you to consider the evidence: I am not making any statements here. I am just sharing a few theories, and then asking you to consider the changes that are being made possible by technology and social media, and their potential results and potential impact on our lives:

Imagine a world where everyone has an equal voice based on merit and popularity; due to instant, free, global communication. Imagine an almost level playing field – what do you think would happen? Imagine that nobody is the proverbial “big brother”: that all power is achieved by merit, and popularity. Imagine almost complete equality amongst humans, made possible by knowledge and technology:

Does it scare you, or give you hope?

I believe that prophecy is simply enlightenment: the ability to realize forces that are already in motion, and therefor to predict eventual outcomes and events ahead of time. I do not think that there is any “us and them”; only US; and that we go there (to the future that is closing in on us) together, or we do not go: as a team. As part of a team, I am asking you to consider where we are going together:

Print is declining, instant and free communication is replacing moderated and controlled distribution of information. The largest media company is Google, the second largest is YouTube The writers, movie makers, producers, reporters are all the same people, and you and me (all of us) added on a more level playing field Do these changes make things better, or worse in your opinion?

I believe that there is a new model emerging: a grass roots network made up of all of us. I can prove it, actually: type “local news advertising” into Google organic search, see what you find on line one of the organic free results (hint: it is not the Associated Press)

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