2 Car Colors Tie for Top Spot in 2011 World Popularity Survey

While silver has long reigned supreme in popularity, white and white pearl have tied with the previous No. 1 for the 2011 top spot in the 59th edition of the DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report. The report, based on a survey of 11 regions of the world, puts both colors at an equal 22 percent share of the market.

In 2010, white tied with grey for third place. Black was silver’s closest competitor last year, but this time it falls to third place with a 20 percent rating. The also-rans in descending order are gray, red, blue, brown/beige, green, yellow/gold and finally “others.”

White Wins in North America and South Africa

North American drivers, 23 percent, have chosen white as their favorite for five years running. And drivers of trucks and SUVs love white even more, giving the color a 29 percent share of the market. South African drivers beat that number, with 40 percent choosing white.

No longer is black just black. It is now paired with black effect, an especially popular choice in North America and the world in general for luxury vehicles. Silver did hold its lead in one category: compacts.

Europe and Russia Continue to Go for Black/Black Effect

Looking at luxury vehicles in Europe, black/black effect came in at 25 percent. Luxury cars and SUVs in that color neared 40 percent market share. White/white pearl increased its slice of the popularity pie at the expense of gray and silver.

In Russia, black/black effect trumps silver. The world-favored white/white pearl landed in third place. Although green is low on the totem pole, this color is more popular in Russia than any other area of the world.

Silver Has Its Fans in Asia and South America

White/white pearl, the favorite in Japan and India, remained a runner-up to silver in China and South Korea. In South America, silver’s popularity was measured at 30 percent.

Expect to see variety in colors, such as blue, turning up in vehicles on Asian streets. Blue may not be among the top three, but it’s liked by Chinese drivers of small cars.

Silver fell to third place in Japan with black taking second place. After white, drivers in India gave silver second place and gray third.



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