20 Things NOT to Pass Out at Halloween

1. Happy Meal toys that you have been collecting for years 2. Bush Cheney bumper stickers you have been saving in the basement 3. Whole wheat anything. Come on it’s Halloween – give the kids a break. 4. Candy canes left over from decorating last year’s Christmas Tree. 5. Fruit cake that has been taking up refrigerator space. 6. Half empty bottles of wine that you think may be too old and unsafe to drink. 7. Beer 8. Coupons for half off at the tattoo parlor. 9. Caramels to kids with braces 10. Free passes to the Hell’s Angel’s Clubhouse 11. Naked pictures of your ex-wife 12. Expired coupons to Disney World 13. Jalapeño Peppers you found at the bottom of your refrigerator 14. Bourbon 15. Packets of ketchup you have been collecting all year from fast food chains. 16. Prunes 17. Broccoli 18. Red Bull 19. Candy apples dipped in Tabasco sauce 20. Nuclear waste

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