2011 NFL Week 11 Point Spreads and Picks; Tim Tebow Vs. Rex Ryan Thursday

We still haven’t a clue what to do about the tattered fantasy football landscape, but did you see our 12-4 outing picking games in Week 10? 2011 Current “Point Spread Picks” Season Record: 85-61. Feel free to follow us now while the iron is hot.

Thursday Night games continue this week with a match up of ineffable media darlings. Tim Tebow has captured everyone’s interest despite being an entirely average football player. Rex Ryan is a walking soundbite, upon whose every word we hang, though I wouldn’t trust him to guide me out of a burning trash bag. They, well, the Denver Broncos and New York Jets, face off Thursday. We will discuss the game and spread, but we’re truly hoping for a tie.

Thursday, November 17, 2011
New York Jets v Denver Broncos +5.5
Of his 2 for 8, 69-yard passing day some are saying Tebow did enough to win. It’s a little like saying a Pomeranian is a dog. While the statement is factually correct*, do you want to get attached to anything so awful?
Pick: New York Jets -5.5

Sunday, November 20
Tennessee Titans v Atlanta Falcons -6.5
Has Chris Johnson truly shown up for the 2011 season? Are the Atlanta Falcons capable of repeating that 4th down overtime blunder? In the face of uncertainty, you have to ask yourself which seems more likely. The Falcons have a reasonable run defense, and no team could do that again in overtime.
Pick: Atlanta -6.5

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens -7.5
The Ravens defense is set to make an example out of someone. The Cincinnati Bengals, perhaps without the services of A.J. Green, are ideal candidates.
Pick: Baltimore -7.5

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns +1.5
To cover this spread Cleveland will have to win, tie or only lose by one. We don’t like their chances of doing any of these, and are certainly not going to bet on it.
Pick: Jacksonville -1.5

Carolina Panthers v Detroit Lions -7.5
With a healthy Calvin Johnson the Lions score 50 points against the tragic Panther’s D. No matter who is on the field, Cam Newton gets 43 points for Carolina, and they cover.
Pick: Carolina +7.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Green Bay Packers -14.5
Two teams headed in opposite directions. Yes, the Super Bowl Champion Packers are getting better. If that does not scare you, you are a Packer fan, we are jealous, and we hate you.
Pick: Green Bay -14.5

Buffalo Bills v Miami Dolphins -2.5
Do two wins over the Chiefs and Redskins truly warrant 2.5-point favoritism? It does when your opponent has forgotten how to score and play defense.
Pick: Miami -2.5

Oakland Raiders v Minnesota Vikings +1.5
Carson Palmer throws three interceptions every week he is not facing the San Diego Chargers.
Pick: Minnesota +1.5

Dallas Cowboys v Washington Redskins +7.5
It is difficult to justify a 7-point road favorite unless it’s the Green Bay Packers. However, the Redskins have not scored double digit points since Week 7, and that was in a double digit loss.
Pick: Dallas -7.5

Seattle Seahawks v St. Louis Rams -2.5
The Rams survive a game in Cleveland and are now giving points? Okay, they handled the Saints in St. Louis, but seeing as they could not beat the Browns by 2.5-points, we feel this spread is too high.
Pick: Seattle +2.5

Arizona Cardinals v San Francisco 49ers -9.5
Every running back in this game is questionable. Neither quarterback is exceptional. The ‘9ers have something like a ten game lead in the NFC Awful, and don’t really need to beat anyone by ten points. Yes, they can start resting people in Week 11.
Pick: Arizona +9.5

San Diego Chargers v Chicago Bears -3.5
Did we miss something? Is San Diego not embroiled in an anemic losing streak? Did the Bears not beat the Eagles, and just humiliate the Detroit Lions? The Chargers aren’t covering, any more than winning, and Jay Cutler is doing a lot less sucking. This spread makes so little sense, it’s maddening.
Pick: Chicago -Our Reputation

Philadelphia Eagles v New York Giants -4.5
Philadelphia destroys Dallas, then loses to Arizona. The Giants are similarly all over the ability-map, but have not lost to anyone as poor as the Cardinals. Got a lot of chalk picks this week, and wish we could justify taking these points, but aren’t sure Vick is even playing.
Pick: New York -4.5

Monday, November 21
Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots -14.5
Tom Brady and any defense will beat the team bearing the Chief uniforms by thirty points. If you crave more in depth analysis, you are over thinking this one.
Pick: New England -14.5

*we would like to thank ESPN: Fantasy Focus Football Podcast for the entertainment, and extend credit for the phrase, “factually correct.”

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Did you notice the 85-61 record?

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