2011 NFL Week 9 Point Spreads and Picks; Tim Tebow’s Future

The St. Louis Rams won their first game in Week 8. It was against the Saints. People are more shocked by Tim Tebow’s inability to leap tall buildings. While it is amusing to watch the Broncos’ struggles, please remember Tebow did not prop himself up. We did.
2011 Current “Point Spread Picks” Season Record: 66-50. Current dubious player moves by the Oakland Raiders in the After Al Davis era: 2. T.J. Houshemandzadeh? Really?

Sunday, November 6, 2011
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills -1.5
The Jets are coming off a bye, and are well rested and healthy. The Buffalo Bills are coming off a game against the Redskins, which was no more trying than a bye. Buffalo has slightly better receivers, and a slightly more talented QB, though a slight disadvantage at defense, thus are only slightly favored at home. Given the monumental talent gap at running back, Fred Jackson versus anyone on the Jets, Buffalo covers this one at home.
Pick: Buffalo -1.5

Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys -11.5
What to make of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys? They are unpredictable and wholly hard to root for. Sounds similar to the 2010 Dallas Cowboys, and every team in the AFC North. Seattle is also difficult to read, though their 3-point outing against the Browns in Week 7 stands out in our mind.
Pick: Dallas -11.5

Cleveland Browns v Houston Texans -11.5
Has Cleveland been in a game all year that garnered any interest? The NFL is our passion, and we can’t bring ourselves to care about this team. With a healthy Arian Foster, and a semi-calm Matt Shaub the Texans are playing well. They have won their last two games by double digits, against teams far better, and more interesting, than the Browns.
Pick: Houston -11.5

Atlanta Falcons v Indianapolis Colts +7.5
The difference between the Falcons at home and on the road is clear and observable. But they beat the Lions this year, in Detroit, by seven points. If the Colts had more talent, you could say they have given up on the season. As it is, they simply aren’t any good, and are losing despite enthusiasm or effort, though, agreed, there isn’t much of either.
Pick: Atlanta -7.5

Miami Dolphins v Kansas City Chiefs -4.5
Miami should have gotten flayed in New York last week, but lost late, and by a mere three points. The Chiefs needed a Hall of Shame turnover by reeling Charger QB Philip Rivers to win by three, in overtime. For KC, this game is sandwiched between three matches against Divisional opponents, and may escape the Chief’s interest, who will then win by a field goal.
Pick: Miami +3.5

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints -8.5
New Orleans is sure to bounce back following a loss to the Rams. But it shouldn’t have happened in the first place, and we aren’t going to give 8+ points to a team that so thoroughly let us down. NOTE: you should not bet with emotion, or follow the advice of anyone who does. Our judgement may be clouded regarding the Saints, as they cost us our Pick of the Week.
Pick: Tampa Bay +8.5

San Francisco 49ers v Washington Redskins +3.5
The betting public is either anticipating a 49er decline, or hasn’t been paying enough attention to either of these teams. 3.5 points? Washington was just shutout by Buffalo, not known for defense, and San Francisco is making trophies of their opponents, even on the road. This game will be over by halftime.
Pick: San Francisco -3.5 PICK OF THE WEEK

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders -7.5
In another universe, this game is being presided over by Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell, and no one is watching it. One QB trade, and two replacements, and we are treated to an entirely intriguing Tim Tebow v Carson Palmer match up. If the Chargers’ season wasn’t already over, I would care a whole lot about who wins this game. As it is, I can’t see the Raiders beating anyone by eight points.
Pick: Denver Broncos +7.5

Cincinnati Bengals v Tennessee Titans -3.5
Wow. A dog like this makes one yearn for the Browns/Texans game. The Titans may still be relevant for Fantasy Football owners, who are waiting for Chris Johnson to finally have that breakout game. Spoiler Alert: he isn’t going to. The Bengals aren’t as awful as one might expect, and are scoring in double digits almost every week. To cover, the Titans are going to have to muster four more points than that. The Titans we have seen lately aren’t capable. You may check our records, but I do not believe we have taken Cincinnati on the road in this century.
Pick: Cincinnati +3.5

St. Louis Rams v Arizona Cardinals -3.5
On paper, this game might make serviceable kindling. As far as general entertainment, just hope you don’t flip past it. You may never get the smell out of your television. Wouldn’t give my attention, or points, to either team.
Pick: St. Louis +3.5

New York Giants v New England Patriots -8.5
The Patriots are having a lot of trouble covering this year. They score in bunches, but can ‘t seem to stop anyone. The Giants lost a few more skill players this week, namely Ahmad Bradshaw, their only real running back. Without him, the only thing to keep Tom Brady off the field will be the Patriots kickoff team. Look for this one to get out of control, and take the Over if you can get it.
Pick: New England -8.5

Green Bay Packers v San Diego Chargers +5.5
The Chargers have made an art out of shooting themselves in the foot. San Diego can rise up and lose in even the most favorable of circumstances. A game against the Packers is anything but favorable, and I would ask you all to say a prayer for my parents. They will be attending this game with some Packer fan acquaintances (Packer fans don’t have actual friends). If you have never been caught in the gravity of a Packer backer, it is akin to being stuck in an elevator with a sleep-deprived badger, only the badger’s breath wreaks of kielbasa, and it won’t shut up about Brett Favre.
Pick: Green Bay -5.5

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers -3.5
The 2011 season opened with a 28-point Raven win over Pittsburgh, yet neither of these teams is the same. Baltimore looked poor in a loss to Jacksonville, and a desperate comeback against Arizona. The Steelers, which just handled New England, would dismantle Jacksonville and Arizona, and should have little trouble against this Ravens team.
Pick: Pittsburgh -3.5

Monday, November 7, 2011
Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles -8.5
The Eagles had a nice outing versus the Cowboys, and may have finally learned how to play at home. The Bears aren’t getting blown out much this year, but Cutler now faces the best and most anxious secondary he has seen in a decade. If you aren’t familiar with Jay Cutler, know that he can only lose a game like this. Oh, and Matt Forte, Chicago’s most serviceable player, is now openly upset. Something to do with money.
Pick: Philadelphia -8.5

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Did we mention our 66-50 record?

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