2012 Election: Eight Points of Priority for Our Next President; Part One

Come This November, whoever is the Republican nominee facing off with President Barack Obama; there will be a few points of priorities that will need to be addressed by both the Republican nominee and the president.

1. The Economy: This issue is at the top of the list where it belongs. Americans are concerned about the economy more than anything. Even though we’re on the path to recovery, it’s moving very slowly. The stock market has continued to rise which is usually the sign of a healthy economy but jobs are still a strong contention being that the unemployment rate is still over 8 percent. Americans want someone who’s going to make jobs their top priority.

2. Foreign Policy: This issue is becoming more important with fears over Iran and its development of nuclear weapons. Iran’s leaders deny they’re pursuing nuclear weapons but claims their nuclear ambitions are for energy. This is greatly in doubt as the IAEA says that the Iranian regime has got much more than they need for just their energy needs.

It’s strongly believed that Israel is planning an attack on Iran as early as within the next couple of months. Israel has got good reason to believe that if Iran gains nuclear weapons that they will be the number one target. The next president is going to have to show strength toward Iran but not to the point of committing American troops on the ground because Americans do not want another war that cost American lives and treasure.

3. Domestic Unity: Americans are tired of all the bickering and the uncompromising stance of the political parties. There’s a strong indication that any candidate who shows an unwillingness to work with the other side, will lose support across a wide expanse of American voters. Though Republican contenders for the president may have seen this as necessary in securing the nomination, because of the hard-right stand of the Republican base, it won’t go over well with the middle-of-the-road voters who will be deciding this election.

4. Infrastructure: This may seem not to be a huge issue but it will become more so as our infrastructure continues to deteriorate because of neglect. Roads and bridges, schools and other public buildings will need more attention than they’re getting now. The Bush administration allowed our infrastructure to be neglected because of the need for funds to support their two wars.

The Obama administration has tried to address this issue but because of the GOP efforts to block everything that his administration has tried to accomplish since Republicans took control of the U.S. House of Representatives and killed off a super majority in the U.S. Senate in the 2010 midterm elections, his administration hasn’t been able to move on fixing our ailing infrastructure.

This issue will have to be addressed or our nation will crumble beneath our feet as time goes by.

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