2012 Hottest Proms Hairstyles Are Exciting

Prom is just months away. We all know your hairstyle is one of the main factors to consider. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune, or go to an actual hair salon. Most of the hottest 2012 hairstyles can be done by yourself.

So what’s in? How about hair knots, side down dos, retro looks, high and low buns, rounded blowout, relaxed french twists, ripple curls, and the good old “Snooki” bump style is back once again. Always remember when choosing your prom hairstyle that it should coordinate with your prom dress.

Sexy Rounded Blowout

You will need a nice big round brush, dryer, big curlers, hair serum, and a rattail comb.

Shampoo, condition, and remove all tangles from the hair. Pour a small drop of the hair serum into the palm of your hands. Rub your hands together, and apply to the hair. Concentrate more on the ends.

Dry your hair fully. Make sure you use the big round brush as mentioned above. This brush will help make the hair shiny, smooth, and straight. Then once the hair is totally dried, use the rollers on the ends/length of the hair. If you do not have rollers, then use a big barrel curling iron. When finished curling lightly brush the hair ends.

Messy French Twist

For years fans of the twist always made sure it was perfectly neat. Who says it has to be neat? This year, you will see more and more messy twists that have a little flair and edginess to them. Maybe some pieces hanging out of the twist, wrapped around, sticking out from underneath or maybe even a few braids added to it. For great pictures of this look, head over to YouTube . Here you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Wet Wet Wet

That’s right folks, the wet look is back and more popular than ever. Many people do not consider this style classy or sexy. However, this look can be more than that. Wear it fully wet, half wet, in an updo, slicked back all the way, parted in the middle with curls and so on. A great prom hairstyle for 2012, which won’t break your wallet.

Did you know you can use Knox Gelatin to get the wet look you desire? Shampoo and condition the hair. Then place a small amount of the gelatin in your hands and rub through the hair. Style as you desire. Not only will this give your hair the wet look, it will also keep the hair in place.

No matter which style you choose for prom this year 2012, have fun with it, and never worry about if your style is in or out. Anything goes these days.


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