2013 Chevy Spark Will Come in Pink

Are you ready for a pink car? Chevrolet thinks Americans are — or will be, when the 2013 Chevrolet Spark mini car is released next year. The Spark has been available elsewhere in pink, but this will be Chevrolet’s first venture into the US market with a pink vehicle.

Color isn’t the Spark’s only adorable feature. This cute little number has all the convenience of a 5-door hatchback, with the appearance of a sporty 2-door. The rear doors are practically hidden, with their handles tucked away into the C-pillar area. It will also be the smallest car ever offered by Chevrolet in this country.

The Spark is built in South Korea, where it has had a solid sales record. Pink cars account for about 25% of Korean sales, even though the country is considered a male-dominated market. Here in the US, the car will also be available in Salsa (red) Jalapeno (lime green), Lemonade (yellow), Denim (a muted blue), as well as the more traditional colors of Black Granite, Grey Area, Silver Ice, and Summit White. The pink version is known as Techno Pink.

The Spark’s biggest competitors are expected to be the Fiat 500 and the Scion iQ. The Spark is longer but narrower than either. The Spark measures 144.7 inches long and 62.9 inches wide, compared to the 500’s 139.6 and 64.1, and the iQ’s 120.7 and 66.9. Its interior, however, is reasonably roomy for its tiny size, with 86.3 cubic feet of passenger area, and 11.4 cubic feet of storage under the rear seats.

The Spark is fitted with 10 air bags, including knee bags for the driver and front-seat passenger. Other safety features include StabiliTrak and ABS, a rollover sensing system, three-point safety belts, and a collapsible steering column.

The optional MyLink infotainment system will allow Spark owners to use their smartphones to play Pandora or Stitcher content over the car’s audio system. It will also be possible to display video and photos on the car’s display — but only when the car is in park.

In the US, the Spark will only be available in a 1.2 liter dual-overhead cam four-cylinder engine. A manual five-speed transmission will be standard, with a 4-speed automatic available. Specific fuel economy figures have not yet been released, but GM tells us they will be “competitive” with other cars in its market.

The public will get its first official look at the Chevy Spark later this week, when it is unveiled at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. It will go on sale in the US in mid-2012.

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