23 Greek Baby Names

Look no further than fantastic Greek names for the perfect baby name for you son or daughter. Pregnant women and expectant fathers everywhere search high and low for the perfect name for their baby, but it can be overwhelming. Check out these Greek names and see what you like and what you don’t. Hopefully, you’ll find some great ideas that will help you on your quest for the perfect name! Nameberry will help us journey through Greek names.

(1) Darius: (male) This is such a great name and is recognizable in the U.S. without being too popular. It means protector, which is a nice solid definition to a solid Greek name.

(2) Peri: (female) There are many parents who love short, to the point names. Naming their children Jack or Max or Elle, with no full name. If this is you, then Peri is right up you alley. It has a cool sound and could be a great name for your little one.

(3) Andreas: (male) If you expect your son to be strong and manly, then this could be the perfect name, because that is exactly what it means. Andrew is boring and Andre sounds unfinished, but Andreas is amazing.

(4) Silas: (male) I have always really liked this name and I think it is a really strong name. It’s got energy and maturity.

(5) Zelena: (female) The Greek form of Selena is Zelena and it is an amazing choice for your daughter. It is easy to spell and easy to say, but is still a bold choice.

(6) Bryonia: (female) Brianna and Breanna are so five years ago, Bryonia is a fresh, modern choice that has the same feel. It’s definitely a bolder choice!

(7) Xenos: (male) Xenos is a really cool Greek name for your baby boy. It has a great energy and a cool sound.

(8) Calista: (female) This name means most beautiful, and that’s what we all think about our babies, right? It’s beautiful, recognizable, easy to spell and manages to sound unique without being too over the edge.

(9) Markos: (male) Who needs Mark or Marcus when you have Markos? It has a cool sound and is unique without being to out there.

(10) Alethea: (female) Meaning truth, Alethea has a beautiful feel without being frilly. It’s much more interesting than Alison or Alexis. Thea is also a really cool nickname.

(11) Lyric: (female) Melody, Harmony, Symphony, and Cadence are all a little too obvious. Lyric has a way of being musical without being too obvious.

(12) Xan: (male) This is another great name for parents who like short and to the point. It is a nickname for Alexander.

(13) Petra: (female) There is a maturity to this name that works really well for the name to grow with your daughter. It also has no nickname possibilities.

(14) Cadmus: (male) Cadmus seems primed for a cross over to the U.S. It has a cool sound and is a nice direction away from the Jayden/Caydens.

(15) Thalia: (female) I love the nickname Thali and the name Thalia sounds modern and exciting without being strange.

(16) Xenia: (female) This name is fabulous! It is definitely poised for a big crossover and is ripe and ready to be added to your name list.

(17) Kalliope: (female) Meaning beautiful voice, Kalliope is a great name that has spunk. It shortens to the known Kalli, but has the option for a great, unique full name.

(18) Apollo: (male) There was a time where this would have seemed to super hero, or too extreme, but with Apollo Ohno in the mix, suddenly this name seems totally reasonable. It’s definitely an exciting choice.

(19) Zeta: (female) Short and beautiful, Zeta is a great name choice for baby girls. It fits in with the style of Ella and Vera, which are popular names right now, but brings something new into the mix.

(20) Costa: (male) I love this name. It’s got a great energy and is great on a little boy and a grown man. It is a nickname, so no need for a nickname for it.

(21) Acacia: (female) This is a lovely name and a great update for Alicia and Alyssa. It also doesn’t have a clear nickname for those parents who don’t want a nickname for their baby.

(22) Nikos: (male) Like Costa, Nikos is a nickname, but an awesome one. It completely works as a full name and has such a great energy to it.

(23) Demetria: (female) Dramatic and beautiful, Demetria is a great option for your future daughter. It also has the adorable nickname Demi.

If any of these have peaked your interest and you are wanting more, feel free to continue your search on Nameberry .

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