3 Fictional Book Characters I Want to Invite to Dinner

I read. If reading was illegal, I would be a convicted felon. The first book that I read on my own was “Green Eggs and Ham”. I was four. I read the entire Dr. Seuss series. As an adult, I continue to read series in chronological order only. OCD? Maybe. But, it’s what I do and so far no one has been hurt by my obsession. I prefer the murder mystery genre. I enjoy a series where I can get to know the characters. I feel as if these characters are people I know personally. I have 3 characters to whom I gravitate. The following three folks are welcome to my dinner table any time.

Lucas Davenport
Lucas Davenport is the main character in the “Prey” series written by John Sandford. He is with the State’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. I know he needs to carry a gun in this position; however, I seem to pay less attention to his title and more attention to his personality. Lucas is a cool, yet frightening, fellow. He is a manly man who is not afraid to show how committed he is to his wife and family. Lucas loves music. He has a top 100 road songs list that he worked while solving a murder. Lucas and I would dine on a five course meal with a fine wine. Lucas has expensive taste. He will pull up in his Porsche and expect first class cuisine.

Kinsey Millhone
Kinsey Millhone is the main character in the alphabet series written by Sue Grafton. Kinsey. What a tough lady! She has a self-deprecating sense of humor that is more funny than uncomfortable. Her parents were killed in a car accident when she was five. After the tragedy, she was raised by her eccentric Aunt Gin. This upbringing made her independent and borderline anti-social. Some would consider these traits character flaws. For Kinsey, these flaws make her a first rate private investigator. I can’t wait until the next addition to the alphabet series is available. I would serve McDonalds to Kinsey. She enjoys quarter pounders. We might have to eat them in my car, not at my kitchen table. That’s what she prefers.

Lincoln Rhyme
Lincoln Rhyme is the quadriplegic main character in a fictional series written by Jeffery Deaver. Lincoln analyzes crime scene evidence from his house in NYC vicariously through his police officer girlfriend. She walks the grid of the crime scene and brings the evidence to Lincoln for evaluation The books have solid characters that surround the couple forcing Lincoln to show a more personable side. He’s has a terrible lack of patience that is not helped by his inability to move. I will have so many questions for Lincoln during our meal. Lincoln, on the other hand, will most likely make an excuse to leave early. For that reason, I will invite his girlfriend, Amelia, to keep him in line. I’m not sure what I will serve to eat. I am sure what I will have to drink, Scotch. Glenmorangie. His favorite.

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