Around the world? No.

Around my heart? Yes.

Each corner and crevice explored, each fiber stressed and stroked.

The boundaries of my souls reach beyond my confines have been confirmed.


Time spent apart, was time spent together in the minds of others.

Time spent together, was time spent apart in the eyes of others.

No forward motion or nights under the covers, no practice at simply loving each other.

I went at it alone, on my own.


On the day you left we came together.

Back into a tiny space you went, once again the legs of my heart stretch.

My soul takes a breath and exhales the essence of us.

Together again, after so long apart.


Welcome back to my heart, the key is where you left it,

Under the mat, where I’ve always kept it.

Some things have changed.

What’s important between us has remained the same.


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