4 Hefty Reasons Why Children May Not Be for You

Growing up in a house hold of eight kids, I’ve learned quite a lot. Mother and father were always running around doing things and you can say things got a little chaotic sometimes. When I reached my teenage years I slowly started to come to realize that the style of life that my parents had, wasn’t exactly for me. I gathered up reasons why I never want to have children. Here are a few things to think about before the bun gets settled down in the oven.

After getting the freedom of privacy because you leave your parents house, most women have their children at a very young age. We all long to have that freedom. So we can do what we want, and when we want to. After having your child/children, you have to wait another 18 plus years to regain any privacy that you lost. Suddenly, instead of taking a calming shower by yourself, your kid opens the door and accidentally cut itself on the razor you had up on the counter. Then you are left to only wonder how did the little thing manage to grab it?

Around nine months after you find out you are pregnant, it’s time to give birth. Not to mention the unbearable pain you will be in for hours, afterwards there will be scaring. Whether you have a C-section or an all natural birth, scaring will appear. Though, there are creams that you can use to reduce scaring tissue, you will never fully get rid of your scars. So think about the next time you want to go to the beach, whether you want to be showing off your newly founded scar.

Having children may seem like a nice idea. But before you do, you might want to make sure that you are financially stable to raise the child. Between transportation, food and housing one child from the stages of pregnancy until it is at the age of eighteen, will cost a married couple 256,550 dollars. Of course, how much income you make and where you live takes account in this calculation. You can find the average amount of how much your child will cost throughout their years at www.babycenter.com

The Rumor Mill
Talk. Everyone does it. People quickly spread the word whether the baby has a known father or not. Then all of the sudden, no one is caring about you. It is all about this baby. Is the baby gaining weight? Are they learning how to talk yet? Are the potty trained? All of these questions come up in your conversations instead of: How are you doing? I heard you got a degree in economics! Congratulations! Your life becomes their life.

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