4 Signs that He’s Still in Love with Her

You are smart, attractive and trusting but lately he’s got you wondering. Is the man you love still in dreaming of his ex? He denies it but your inner voice telling you something is amiss! If this sounds like you, then you should be looking for these four signs. Only time will truly tell, but in the meantime, keep your cool — and your eyes peeled for these revealing tells.

He calls you by her name. It is called a Freudian slip but really, it’s a sign! Here are some common scenarios. He moves in for a kiss and speaks your name softly – wait, that’s not your name! Or he leaves you a voicemail and says, “See you later, Angela.” The name is Jill! Once is an understandable uh-oh, especially if you’ve just ended a heated debate about “her.” Twice, that’s reason to worry! If he’s calling you her name for no apparent reason, then hmmm…..

He constantly gripes about her. If he’s complaining about her constantly then he might still be in love. Remember, there’s a fine line between love and hate — at least, according to the song. When she’s constantly on his mind, it could be a sign that he wants her back. However, ex’s that have children together often squabble. Take that with a grain of salt!

He’s interacting with her on social media. If he’s chatting with her on Facebook or texting her at all hours of the night, you’ve got a sure sign. Many former lovers remain friends but unless he’s still holding out hope, he needs to move on. Some women consider this kind of behavior “emotional cheating.”

He makes her “off limits.” Guys in love like putting the objects of their affection on a pedestal. If she’s an “off limits” topic of discussion, then that is a sign he’s in love with her. Naturally, you shouldn’t obsessively question him about the ex, but if he refuses to discuss their relationship or current status, you’ve got a problem.

The best sign is your inner voice. Listen to your intuition. On the flip side, don’t become so paranoid about the ex that it makes you green with jealousy. Excessive jealousy will certainly push him away even more. Emotional infidelity is a real confidence shaker, if you let it become one. Don’t let it! Get the assurance you need or get out!

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