49ers Release Josh McCown

Last year the 49ers ranked last place in the exhibition season. NFL teams finish process today of going from 90 players to 53 in five days. That means, league-wide, 1,184 players are trimmed from rosters. NFL teams finish process today of going from 90 players to 53 in five days. According from sources from the Sacramento Bee, third-string Quarterback Josh McCown has not made the 53-man cut.

So who will be listed on as the third string Quarterback on the depth chart when the season begins next Sunday and the 49ers face division rivals the Seattle Seahawks? I can’t help to wonder if Carson Palmer is still a possible suitor for the 49ers. Rumors date all the way back to the beginning of the NFL lockout that Carson Palmer was very insistent on being traded. Rumors also spread like wild fire that the Carson Palmer was looking to be traded to San Francisco. Recent reports indicated [Carson] Palmer has visited the Cincinnati Bengals, who’ve insisted many times over that they will not trade the veteran Quarterback and will force him to retire if he really wants out of Cincinnati.

If we look at the facts again, Carson Palmer has many reasons to come back to the West Coast, where he was a Quarterback for USC in his college days. Not only does Carson Palmer have the same agent as [Jim] Harbaugh in David Dunn, but Palmer himself is a California native of Fresno. Palmer’s wife, Shaelyn, also grew up in the Bay Area.

Statistically, the 49ers finished with the worst passing game in the league during the preseason, compiling a 32.3 passer rating with no touchdown passes, eight interceptions and league lows of 92 completion and 48 passes.

The 49ers absolutely must not start their season off without a proven veteran Quarterback on the depth chart. You can expect a veteran, if not Carson Palmer, to be signed after all 32 NFL teams make their final roster cuts to 53. There is no way they will begin the 2011-12 NFL season with just Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick on the depth chart.

In other news, the Cincinnati Bengals have cut ties with another Palmer. Jordan Palmer, backup passer and brother to Carson Palmer, has been released by the Bengals earlier this week. It’s time to cut ties with the Palmers all together Cincinnati, whether you like it or not.

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