5 Amazing Make-Up Looks for a Sweet 16 Birthday Party

When the 16th birthday is just around the corner, it is time to plan the party and choose a nice outfit. Girls look nice in cool pastel colors in summers and warm deep shades in winters. If you were born in spring, get a lot of colorful flowers and arrange these in a display for the guests to feel welcome. Choose something chirpy to wear and match your makeup with the style of your outfit. Girls love to make a grownup statement with their choice of makeup which begins to get tasteful as they grow. The shift from childhood to teenagehood needs to show on the 16th birthday, so look your best to make a fabulous entrance to this interesting period of our lives. Here are 5 amazing make-up looks for a sweet 16 birthday party.

1. To look your best as a freshmen teen, choose some glitter and sparkle in your make up to spruce up the day. Your friends will love the glitter if you plan for a night out. There are many affordable brands you can find in the neighborhood stores to give yourself glitter hair, glitter eyes, glitter lips, and glitter body.

2. Young girls who have a dislike for glitter can try a minimalist look to give off a fresh-faced appearance. With such makeup, choose some matching colorful prints, so you can add some vibrancy to the day. If you have freckles or pimples, use a cover up stick and a good foundation. Match eye color and use a peach blush and a light tone lip color.

3. Create glamorous eyes with slightly darker shades than what pre-sixteen self is used to. Use two-tone eye shades and a little white shine right underneath the eyebrows to get the naughty schoolgirl look so popular at fashion runways. This makeup will make you look more wild and eccentric than an average student. Use the new double-ended mascara wand which can lift the eyes. It uses black on top to lift the eye and brown shades on the bottom. If you use some metallic shades and dark liners, your eye makeup will make you look a bit sultry. Try to get a smoky cat eye to wow your friends.

4. Another great idea for your sweet 16 birthday entails the use of gold color in your make up to look creative and stylish. Use a golden eye shadow on the upper lid all the way to the crease. Then use a brown pencil on the eyelid and smudge it to give depth to the eyes. Apply some mascara and separate the lashes by using a zigzag motion. Do not let the lashes stick together during the process. Use a shimmering pink blush and blend it all the way to the hairline. Choose a glossy natural color for the lips.

5. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, go for the sixties look. Use broad black liners and puff your hair up. Wear your nails long and color them dark.


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