5 Important Things to Consider in Your Lead Generation Appointment Setting Campaign

When it comes to B2B appointment setting campaign, it is only natural that you want to yield the best results for your lead generation. Most business owners have tapped on telemarketing as a useful tool for their company via a simple approach–look for a telemarketer on the Web, discuss about their criteria and the results they want, and then pay a fee.

Before anything else, here are some important considerations:

The Prospect. Start by listing each kind of customer available within your organization. Prioritize by their degree of importance for this campaign. Things to consider must be: geography, ease of contact, and size of average order. How to Contact. “Decision Maker Only” is not often the correct way to go about it, because for obvious reasons, it is usually challenging to get decision makers on the line. And generally, these people do not deal with the research into the buying decision. The Pitch. Now, take note that this is where things may get complex. You may have the best telemarketer working for your campaign, but he may still fail without a compelling pitch. Giving a free, non-obligatory next step would maximize your chances of setting an appointment. Conversely, be wary not to keep this vague or open-ended to have plenty of unqualified appointments blocking the pipeline and in the process, hamper the appropriate lead generation folks. How to Handle Objections. Now, this one is probably the most often unnoticed step in the process. Don’t forget that this is a cold call and your prospects are busy individuals, more or less they would have some objections before even agreeing to the next step. That’s why you must prepare and equip your telemarketers for common objections to make sure that phone conversations are not finished too soon. The Follow Up. Try your best to inform your prospect about your firm, in order to warm up comfortably to your succeeding step.

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