5 Movies Scheduled for Release in Spring 2012 that You Might Want to Pass On

With all the new movies scheduled for release in spring 2012, deciding which ones to see can be daunting. More problematic, though, is deciding which ones aren’t worth the trouble of standing in line at a theater and plunking down your hard-earned money for.

After several weeks of watching teaser trailers, though, I think I’ve found five films that you should either avoid, or at least wait until they come out on cheaper DVD. Taste in movies is, admittedly, highly subjective, and many movie fans might disagree with me on this, but for a number of reasons, these films just didn’t make my short list of movies-to- see this coming spring. If, however, there’s anyone who wants to ignore me, release dates are given.

The Devil Inside. A woman hires exorcists to determine if her mother, in a mental institution for murder, is actually a homicidal maniac or is possessed by evil spirits. The Devil Insidewas for me a pale imitation of Exorcist with more gore and adult language. The dialogue was in many places a bit too corny, and it was hard to pay attention even to a short trailer. I couldn’t see myself sitting through the whole film. Release date January 6.

House at the End of the Street. Another movie about a single mom and her daughter who are threatened by a murderous psychopath, House at the End of the Street doesn’t even rate one star in my book. In a movie like this, you have to have sympathy for the characters, and that should be a no-brainer given a cute teen and her not too shabby mom, but for me it was really ho hum. Set for an April 20 release.

The Woman in Black. A teenager travels to a remote village and ends up confronting the ghost of a spurned woman who is scaring the heck out of the locals. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but I think I will shun The Woman in Black. Due for release on February 3.

This Means War. Two of the CIA’s most dangerous agents, friends in real life, find themselves competing for the same woman. Lots of action, but the acting could be a lot better. This Means War will appeal only to those who like to see lots of shooting and explosions. This film is scheduled for release on February 17

One For the Money. I’m a great fan of Janet Evanovich’s mystery novels, but this one didn’t convert to screen well. Katherine Heigel is a great actress, but she didn’t come across as the Stephanie Plum I’ve come to know from reading Evanovich. It has some potential, and I just might get the DVD. One For the Money won’t be getting my money at the theater when it’s released on January 27.

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