5 Printable Iron Man Pumpkin Stencils

Iron Man has become popular again thanks to the movie franchise starring actor Robert Downey Jr. The character is based on a billionaire Tony Stark who makes an armored suit that gives him superhuman abilities.

Iron Man Stencils

Iron Man: A comic book image of the Marvel comics superhero. The carving pattern is part of Jammin Pumpkins’ Comic Heroes and Villains. It costs one credit to download from Jammin Pumpkins with a two credit minimum purchase.

Iron Man: A somewhat realistic action image of the costumed figure crouching. This shaded carving pattern is part of Stoneykins’ Cartoon and Comics designs. It costs one credit with a minimum three credit purchase.

Lil Iron Man: Another Halloween stencil from Stoneykins. It looks like a cute little child version of the hero. This might be a fun one to carve with your kid.

Mask: Design of the character mask. If you are looking for something easy to carve, this is probably the best choice. It is part of Zombie Pumpkins Heroic Headliners patterns.

Face: Another design of his costume face-mask. It costs $3.95 from Ultimate Pumpkin Stencils. The similar one from Zombie just mentioned is cheaper but this one is still worth considering.

More Halloween Stencils

Pissed Tweety: Tweety Bird with a annoyed expression on his face.

Chickenstein Lives: The character Chickenstein from Scooby-Doo.

Zelda’s Link: Two carving patterns of Link from Zelda. Free!

Pac-Man: Pac-Man eating ghosts. Free!

CU Buffalo’s: The buffalo with “CU” for Colorado University. Free!

Christian – Noahs Ark and peace doves. Free!

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